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2 demons want my powers but I dont what it is

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Okay so recently 2 people showed up in my room out of no where  both guys i’m pretty sure they were demons but I’m not positive anyway they tried to grab me but i jumped back onto my bed and told me to give them my power and no one will get hurt I told them i had no idea what they were talking about but that only made them mad the 1 guy tried to grab me but i threw my alarm clock at him my mom heard the crash and came in my room and they dissapeared. So heres the thing I have no idea what there talking about Help me out here!



  1. ShadowWolf 9 years ago

    I am more than willing to help you out.  Demons are not the only beings that like to steal powers.  Clearly whatever power you do have is worth two of them coming to try and take it from you. From the information you have provided so far, I cannot really tell you who or what did come after you.  I would however have a cross around you at all times though.  I can provide more information as to what is coming after you, but I so not want to do it on the public part of the site.  I will friend request you and you can send me as much iformation as you wish to about what has happened and I will help you deal with it.

  2. Author
    Amy 9 years ago

    okay send me a message


  3. leliel cale 5 years ago

    Dev, I’d like to ask if you have done research on what Lucifers likely name was before he descended to earth. As an angel? Also do you believe god will win like it is written? also what research have you done on the antichrist?


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