Alexis DiMarco




Here, There, Wherever the winds blow I guess.

Who Am I...

Alexis DiMarco, Witch. Does anything else matter?

My Story Is...

There are many worlds and there are many universes. There are worlds like yours, where people’s souls live inside their body. And worlds like mine, where they walk beside us as spirits we call Daemons. When we are young, our Daemons can change forms as quickly as we changed our minds, this is no different for Witches like us.


In my world, all Witch children are Witches. We all have eternal lives and the ability to travel as far as we wish from our Daemons. I was born in the frozen north, on an island called Svalbard. Me and my Daemon,  Karkaros, started life on an awkward step. While witches would never bat an eye, humans would spot the oddity of having a male daemon as a male being.


My clan was obsessed with this notion of the multiverse, perhaps one day travelling to them and exploring the bounties they have to offer. See witches view things on a more philosophical measure, our lives are long and we await death as an old friend, in life the clan is the most important thing. Our wants are its needs, so we have no currency, no centre of value. We trade in favours. Such a small thing, it changes a lot about who you grow to be.


I grew and trained like all my brothers and sisters, mastering forms of combat as best you can and travelling the world in search of tears between worlds. Karkaros settled, eventually. Taking the form of a large White-tailed Eagle.


I guess our story really begins when our clan stumbled upon a young girl in possession of what is known as a subtle knife, an artefact that can rip these tears between worlds that can be traversed. This human had needed our assistance in a battle many moons earlier, one I wasn’t able to partake, unfortunately, but she repaid us with this bridge to another world. I volunteered to be a scout and so that’s how we ended up here.

(Extreme WIP.)