Arielle Rodd


Nicknames: Ari, Arie, Elle, L

Birthplace: Lickleyhead Castle; Aberdeen, Scotland

Birthday: December 11, 1997

School: University of Oxford; online

Occupation: Librarian Assistant.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Attitude: Sweet as can be and no skeletons in the closet.

Vices: Unsought.

Muses: Fine Arts, Nature, Christianity.

BFF: Levice Carter;

SO: Straight.


Consequence, Hellifyno

Date of Birth


Relationship Status

It's complex.

Romantic Interests

Auxilio Carter

Who Am I...

An angel in the flesh, unsure of my purpose here.

My Story Is...

Arielle Rodd was born into Scottish Royalty, her family lives in the Rodd Castle in Northeastern Scotland. Arielle’s mother, Freya, gave birth to the new Rodd princess when she was fifteen, authenticating her queen ship amongst the other five women who her father, Alec, previously wedded.. She was freshly seventeen years old when she discovered her strange gifts.. And sadly, no matter how much Alec favored his sixth wife.. The Rodd’s were apart of large group of very strict Christians clans. Anything out of the norm was witchcraft and all that fun jazz and the person was to be slain, no matter their position.

Freya was then so killed by Alec.. He was by no means coldhearted but like the other family heads, he feared the unknown, but only to a point.. He was urged to rid his family of the witch, and told resisting or debating this order would result in his entire families annihilation..

Brokenhearted it had come to this he lured his sixth wife to sea for a boat ride only to knock her unconscious and tie her feet to a heavy rock.. He then had his men throw her overboard.. She ‘drowned’ in the ocean. They wrote it off as an accident, a mishap. But everyone who was a clan head knew the truth.. It was the story passed around through out the years.. And over time, Alec became cold.. He stopped sleeping with his other five wives, he stopped raising his other eleven children.. He focused his sole time on Arielle, he prayed day in and day out, kept her in the church, hoping God wouldn’t let her take on the same fate as Freya, he couldn’t bare to lose her.. His light amongst the dark in a sense.. But fate is not always so kind as God would be had he taken part in her life.. But undoubtedly, the man works in mysterious ways..

Arielle Cataline Musiqana-Rodd was killed the same way her mother was; her powers even occurred the same way and time.. When she was 17 and in the same room.. But thankfully.. It was just her father and her.. Ari was sitting in the library with her father, discussing schools she could and couldn’t attend after she graduated high-school, which she was doing abroad in England.. She had just returned from a, surprisingly, unaccompanied visit.. Arielle was deep in her thought as she listened to her father’s opinions..  But her oldest half brother, Abil was fond of his oddball sister and overly thrilled to have her back.. He wanted to startle her, a fright to welcome her home.. He crept up silently, he was the best hunter of the family.. He made eye contact with their father and they both smiled as he took a firm hold of her shoulders, whispering ‘boo’. Ari gulped and whirled around, extending her arm, palm out and Abil was flung back but an unseen force..

Arielle stared, it was her older brother.. She attempted to make sense of what happened.. He tripped.. Right..? No.. The air rippled between him and her.. He was too far back to of simply stumbled back.. Besides why would he be the one jumping back as if scared.. Alec stood and touched Arielle’s shoulder as he moved around the desk making her stay put.. Abil was already up and staring in horror.. Alec interjected before things got out of hand and he calmed them both quickly.. He sent them to bed after making them promise not to speak of it..

But her brother did. He told his mother, who then sent a message to the clan a few miles away, they sent someone at once and demanded him rid the family of the girl, he did with great internal reluctance.. He went into her room, stood over her, and hit her across the head, then carried her out to the docks, took her to the same spot in the ocean where he dropped her mother, and dropped her in, done up the same way… He wept for days.. He eventually went mad and slaughtered his whole family.. Leaving Abil and his mother for last before offing himself…

Arielle would never know her family’s fate or why she ended up here… At least not for a good while..

The strange nightmare Arielle had wasn’t a dream at all, it was her reliving her death for the first time.. She was freshly dead and still a chance to be knocked back into the living realm. But she couldn’t go back to where her physical body was… She’d drowned again.. Freya and Arielle’s spirits met.. They had a silent moment of awe for each other..

Well, Arielle was in awe but her mother was quite saddened.. She had pushed her back into another realm, she wasn’t sure which, but she hoped she’d have a better chance of living there.. A chance of acceptance..

So when she woke up from the dream, she was in a bed, in the Tavern. Her mother had enough strength to do more then what she could alive, in the after life..  She saved her daughter, but Arielle doesn’t remember anything except getting to her family’s, visiting for a bit, then going to bed, and waking up on Hellifyno. She doesn’t remember the ordeal with her brother..

Her amnesia can be fixed but won’t heal on it’s own. She is searching relentlessly for her memories, or information.. And possibly, for a way back and no one will take her, they tell her it’s fate she wound up here. Her unbeknownst powers haven’t sprouted up again, they’re locked just like her memories until someone can help her…

My Appearance

Eyes: A chilling and brilliant teal—blue at atimes.

Hair: A bright, vibrant reddish orange to a dusty orange.

Body/Skin: Proportionate, alabaster curves, subtle freckles.

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

I Believe...

in God, his word, and his power.