Aurida "Aura"

Relationship Status

Wouldn't you like to know?

Romantic Interests

I would like to keep those interests to myself

Who Am I...

Werewolf Alpha of the Mountain Pack

My Story Is...

Complicated. Too much to explain without reliving certain painful memories in the process. If you want to know my story, then you must venture to the mountains where I remain with my pack.


But tread with caution.


We do not treat intruders very lightly. If you explain yourself, you might live long enough to hear my tale.

My Appearance

I’m at least 7 feet tall when I stand on my hind legs, otherwise I’m only 4’6″ at the shoulder when on all fours. What did you expect? We’re big and large.


My eyes are a very bright blue and my fur is as white as the moon itself. On my face are four claw marks, serving as a permanent battle scar from a past enemy.



My Secrets Are...

Now why would I reveal my secrets to you? If you truly want to know my secrets you will have to figure out a way to make me tell you. However, that is unlikely to happen in your lifetime.

I Believe...

You have until the count of 10 to leave my territory before you become the pack's next meal.