Blood Dragon Soul Fire


Hot Springs National Park, AR

Date of Birth


Relationship Status

My mate is dead to me, he betrayed me and must Pay!

Romantic Interests

With those who can comment to a relationship!

Who Am I...

I have recently descovered I am of Blood Red Dragon/Fay.

My Story Is...

I know that I am a fire blood red wyvern dragon. That has many abilities and grate strengths. I thought for a long time due to my reptilian nature I was a Naga. But I have found that my race is that of the blood red fire dragons. I long to meet other like myself and to know more about my race. Ever since I was young I had it hard as being not like the rest of the humans. I knew at an early age that I was no human for the abilities I have. The people that raised me and said were my parents, are not my own since they are in fact human and have not told me the truth and have avoided the questions of my real parents. Also the people that raised me have treated me as a barn animal or freak. I seek my ken and more knowledge about my race to fully better my understanding of what I am. Now that I have two young of my own I seek knowledge for myself and for them. So they may better understand them selves and not go through life with out knowing what they are and why they have the abilities they do.

My Secrets Are...

Life it self is a mystery we all seek to solve. Some will find answers others will find questions only those who look will know what they get.

I Believe...

That there are things to fight for and to never give up or never give in no matter what!