Cordelia Jael Emet




Rome, Italy

Date of Birth


Relationship Status

Tied up by my love for…

Romantic Interests

Work, money, and partying.

Who Am I...

Reincarnation of Jaelle Emet, Kyrrah Marcus, insert a couple more here, and Admeta Marianus (Leila Carter).

My Story Is...

I was born September 28, 2000 to one of the wealthier lines of Zingari (Italian Gypsies). My parents are… Well, they are pretty much soaked up by their businesses and family matters that aren’t my place and following in the same manners, I tend to focus more on my career as a model and a singer.While Gypsies in general are nomadic, my family has been settled in Rome for the last 120 years. I’m sure we’ve touched here before, like well before our time, but it’s a little boring for me. History isn’t my thing.But a bit of juicy gossip? My mother’s family lives in Naples. There is a tightly knit gypsy community that thrives and, well… Supposedly they are like… Witches or something? I don’t know. When my mother talks to me, she’s so odd. She used to tell me I’m a reincarnation of someone but, I mean. I can’t throw my mother very far… If you know what I mean.But, I’m gonna go now, got lot’s to do! Bye

My Appearance

I’m 5 feet and 5 inches tall, olive skin, with dark chocolate locks, and cerulean eyes. My nails are always manicured; hell over all I’m well groomed constantly. By the way, can you say jail bait? I’m at the barely legal age of 17.



My Secrets Are...

that I’m an actual reincarnation of long ago reincarnations. Did I say that right?

I Believe...

fate only controls those who allow themselves to be strung along.