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Relationship Status

Laikos: Taru, (friend) Ruby, (mate) Anna, (girlfriend) IIII Locust: Isabelle (girlfriend) IIII Jei: Kida (girlfriend) Vixen (ex-girlfried) IIII Rasin: Kira (wife) IIII Reaper: Cura (mate) Amira (unknown) IIII Ramses: Cura (mate) Jango (Master) IIII Kuri: Taru (Mate)

Romantic Interests

Same as Relationship Status

Who Am I...

We are part of an international task force known as Team Delta, a comprised battle force designed to protect the innocent, restore peace, and serve the Ninja Queen.

My Story Is...


Background: After the death of Mach-9, a team compromised of elite nine ninja’s, in the second century, the Ninjian tribes were under heavy suppression from foreign invaders, such as samurai. Being divided themselves, the Ninjian empire was divided as many tribes fought over the littlest things. At the dawn of the next century of the Ninjian race, a new defense-assault team was developed. TEAM DELTA, a government specialized team comprised of the best fighters of the next generation, they work toward defense of the innocents, their own race, and overall, fight for justice. These are their stories.

(OOC: Some things may be graphic, or may trigger people, please read with caution.)

Full name: Laikos Yaman.
God: Lightning, Little children
Position: Leader of Team Delta
Ability Overview: Laikos Yaman became the tribal god of children and lightning at a relatively young age. Able to care and control all children who believe, Laikos uses his powers for good to save those who are victimized by domestic abuse, rapings, refugees, the list goes on and on. When in regular combat, he dons his green, jeweled spear and enhances it with lightning magic. Using this lightning side, Laikos can travel up to very fast speeds, and use multiple types of magic and his ninjian skills to successfully fend off or defeat his opponent. Being the leader, he is many times more powerful than all of his brothers, however he set a “soul seal”, which puts a limit on his full potential. This is a safeguard so any two brothers can defeat him if Laikos goes rouge, crazy, or corrupted.

Ultimate Ability: Beetle Slash: Laikos formes his god forme, a divine beetle and grows two horns. He flies and slashes the opponent, filling his horns with holy, divine, power. The slash is fatal to humans, gods, or anybody who crosses Laikos’s path, if unavoided.
Story: Laikos Yaman was born on October 12, five years after his older brother, Locust Yaman. His parents came from a shady background, the Father; Yaman, married the Mother; Silgan, both were doing drugs, and very illegal activity when Laikos was born. Sometimes he think he was an accident. When he was only at the tender age of three, his village got sacked by raiders, forcing Laikos and Locust to flee into the woods for 10 years,. After those long, lost, cold, hungry years, the brothers stumbled upon Moon, the tribal goddess of the Ninja’s, who at the time was bathing. Locust, wanting to spy and be a pervert, wanted to secretly watch the bathing woman. Laikos however, turned Locust away and made him stay until the woman had finished bathing so they could ask her for direction to get out of the woods. Moon, happily appreciated when the boys turned away, granted them the ability to become gods. Laikos was granted the power of Lightning, and little children, for he was only thirteen. Before Moon vanished, she made the Xernaeii, the wisest tribe in the Ninja lands, to find the both of them. Laikos underwent special training and succeeded enormously in the village, since the Xernaeii were always short on fighters, most of the people were studying. Laikos eventually became the general of the tribe, and received his trademark jeweled green Spear. However, Laikos needed a guardian beast, so he teleported to the Garden of Beasts, a place chock full of magical beasts who choose their owners and inhabit their weapons. Laikos came across the beetle, and the lion, which he accepted both. Later in the village, during an enemy raid, he came across Katrina, a young girl of the Yasin tribe and they both immediately fell in love. There were plans of a “tying” marriage, which would unite the two tribes and make it beneficial. Unfortunately, Laikos accidentally got Katrina pregnant, and her father, in his outrage, killed Katrina and the child. Laikos was devastated at losing Katrina, but however went with his brothers to fight in the Ninja Wars. Eventually making his way to the Red Sun Inn, Laikos went on many adventures and eventually found a mate and has a child, Sapphire, as well as an adopted son, Ryuu.
Name: Locust Yaman.
God: Surgery
Position: Medic of Team Delta
Ability Overview: While Laikos mostly spent his time training for destruction, Locust heavily invested in the healing and magic arts. When he became granted with his god-like abilities, his nails were as sharp as surgeon’s scalpels; before he began intense training to make his nails withstand more than just a simple blade, as they are now sharp as many god-like items. His nails are filled with many poisons, chemicals, and even explosives that Locust consumes and controls at will. However, unlike his brother, Locust mostly goes out to heal rather than fight, using his nails to stitch up and cut open people and animals. When the fighting gets rough, Locust usually turns into his guardian forme, filled with a burst of power, stamina, and energy Locust becomes more difficult to fight.

Ultimate Ability: Roar of the White Tiger: Locust’s god forme, the albino bangal, formes as Locust leaps into the air, extending ten enhanced nails, if hit, the opponent would be stuck on the nails like a fish on a hook, as he curves the end, stopping anybody from pushing off of them,  his nails enter the body, going through the blood vassals and eventually touching the brain, resulting in death, or extreme mental trauma.
Story: While Laikos received lightning and children, Locust received surgery. When he found the tribe, not only did he train with Laikos, but set himself up as leader for the two, eventually getting overthrown by Laikos. Locust trained in the healing arts, studying all points of pressure and pleasure. While nobody wanted a young man to stick nails into their backs, Locust turned to brothel’s to enhance and practice his skill. When Locust entered the Garden of Beasts, he found and tamed a white tiger, allowing it to become his god forme and guardian spirit. Locust has trained his nails to be filled with all types of poison, and are very versatile, being attached to Locust himself, he can extend and detach his nails at will, firing them like bullets into people. He observed his brother losing Katrina, but paid no attention to her, with the coming Ninja Wars, he would have much to handle.
Name: Jei Kamakura
God: Knowledge
Position: “Brains” of Team Delta
Abilities: He has gathered about 45% of the information in the universe, knowledge x, fighting y, god forme, black spear, shadow forme****

Ultimate Ability: Book of Souls: Jei uses his own knowledge and soul as a weapon, summoning creatures out of famous stories and people that he has encountered, he can even summon a copy of his foes, the only downside being them a bit less powerful as their originals.
Story: Being the second void child in existence, Jei Kamakura was born on Bone Beach, coming out of the limitless ocean of the void. As a void child, he is extremely pale, as well as many side effects. He is the other side of Laikos, excelling in smartness and manners, rather than the mouthy, yet powerful leader. As a young child, Jei was born alone, (for void children always remembered their name) spewed out of the ocean of the void, and landed on Bone Beach, a famous place filled with pebbles of skulls from the many monsters that inhabited the area. Only having his smartness at his side, at only a couple minutes born, he began to search around the beach before finding Reaper. Jei came in, only to see that Reaper was heavily wounded, and dying slowly. Jei, taking pity on the newfound god of the void, nursed Reaper back to health only at thirty minutes old. After Reaper told his story of how he came to be the god of the void, Jei decided to leave him to pursue his newfound gift of knowledge, giving Reaper food and building a house, he left and wandered the void. Eventually, after years of searching, writing down ideals, and fighting ravenous monsters, Jei came upon a portal. The portal, swirling with blue and red, spewed out 13 year old Laikos and 18 year old Locust. Laikos asked if Jei, his other self, would join his team and return to the modern dimension. Puzzled at this, but intrigued by finding a new dimension, Jei happily agreed as Laikos handed him a black spear, his trademark weapon. Jei lived with the two brothers, before they three accepted to be brothers in blood. He also got blessed by Moon to be the god of knowledge, pleased at this, he underwent heavy training and knowledge, the only downside being eating paper. Jei eventually became a resourceful member of Team Delta, and gladly went with them into the War.


Name: Rasin/Reaper/Ramses Yama

God: Void, Puppets

Position: God of void, “Tank” of Team Delta, Servant of Jango,

Abilities: Monster control x, Darkness x, fighting y, armed with shield, shotgun fighting, guardian forme, god forme, Puppeteering x, armed with puppets, soul sealing,

Ultimate Ability: Reaper forme, his god forme, which enables Reaper to get in touch with true darkness, resulting in a high increase of power, armed with a dark scythe and a bone mask, the god of the void shows his true forme and takes no prisoners, sparing none when angered. Call of the Puppets: Ramses resurrects all of his fallen puppets, resulting in armies and armies of two inch terrors, each representing a feeling. He quickly grows them into an army of monsters, each with their own abilities and destructive power. Void Release: Rasin opens up a portal to the void, releasing all his monsters and anger of the screams of death from the void, much like Ramses’s ability, but much more chaotic. His power increases drastically and the monsters are fully armed.

Reaper, the first of all the void children, was born about the same time Locust Yaman was. All void children were born at the same time as their other selves. Reaper, being bloodthirsty and vengeful, frantically swam for shore, for it was rare for a void child to survive the black sea. Once reaching the shore, after thirty minutes of swimming, he stood up and saw many spotted areas on the beach. He smiled and was curious about them, but as he stepped, he was swallowed up by it. Angered, as the toxic juices filled the sand flower, he ripped its flesh clean off, making a door for himself and tumbling to the bones below. He cried out in anger, but realized that he was injured, scared and alone, he made a poor tent using the sand flower’s flesh, and shivered down for the night. Jei Kamakura eventually found Reaper, nursed him to health, but left him shortly after. Reaper explained his story to Jei, but the grey eyed god would not budge, saddened at this, Reaper began to explore his surroundings with his newfound strength. He was cold and alone, but he was the first void child to survive, many void harpies, as well as giants, took this to be a sign from the heavens, and announced Reaper to be the god of the void. Reaper, sensing some happiness, gladly took the title, and expanded his newfound dimension. Many, many, years later, when he was about 18, Jei introduced his brothers to Reaper. After Laikos asked Reaper to be a part of his team, Reaper snorted and laughed, refusing to be a servant to a 13 year old child. Angered by this, Laikos challenged Reaper to a duel, which Laikos won with ease. Reaper, in his realization of how weak and vainglorious he became, gladly joined Team Delta and put his strength to good use. He eventually realized that he could open his “other eyes” a side effect of godship from the void. As they were located in his torso, Reaper eventually grabbed into the red holes, received two deadly shotguns, which he marveled at, receiving his weapon that would guard him until death. He accepted to be the blood brother of the three boys, and being the fourth member of Team Delta. Until recently, Reaper unfortunately got into an incident, a horrifying raping. Because of this, his mind and body have been completely altered to fit a punishment that he had to commit to, therefore resulting into Ramses, the servant. He became the servant of Jango, the mate of the woman that Reaper opposed and does his bidding happily, for what servant is not forced to do their master’s bidding? Ramses is a child more like, controlling dolls that are filled with the souls of those who tried to oppose him, and have sinned, he sends them to his own special “purgatory” in the forme of placing their souls into dolls, which he can control at will. After 5 or so years, (depending on the sin) Ramses releases the souls, to live out their reformed lives happily. Rasin, Reaper’s original self, was a kind, just, god that ruled in the void with a firm, but gentle grasp. Human’s, finding a way to profit from the void, kindly asked Rasin to establish trade, which he accepted. Unfortunately, the void is filled with many monsters, and hostile fauna, and therefore abused and killed many humans. Outraged by this, they labeled Rasin a killer and set to destroy the monsters and Rasin himself, Rasin, eventually getting desperate, called to an advisor of one of the kings, who worshipped evil gods. The advisor gladly let Rasin beat them, but in exchange, transforming him into Reaper, and letting Reaper be the servant of the advisor. Thankfully enough, after a couple of years, Team Delta took full control and executed the advisor, making Reaper free. He currently serves them, not as a servant, but as an equal.


Name: Kurikos Segil (pronounced SEE-gil)

God: Timelines

Position: Scout of Team Delta

Abilities: Timeline manipulation x, fighting y, god forme, uzi fighting

Ultimate Ability: Golden Yamato Blast: Kuri combines both of his weapons, pouring out his god energy to make one large burst from his uzi’s, this blast is the equivalent roughly to about one quadrillion tons of dynamite, and can rip through planets.

Story: Kurikos was a punishment. Something that was not supposed to be there, but yet a forceful impact of happiness, it grew a conscience. After Laikos defeated Reaper, Reaper had a price to pay for his insolence, which resulted in Kurikos. After Laikos sacrificed his left eye, Kurikos, which meant “Reborn” in Ninjian, became an alternate personality of Reaper. Calling himself Kuri, Laikos could activate this other personality, whenever Reaper got too angry or slacked off. Reaper had to cope with Kuri, the exact opposite of him, until Laikos finally separated all of his personalities. After the Ninja wars, all but Laikos died in them, frightened and scared, he vainly searched for them, not knowing that their souls took refuge in Laikos. They were all eventually freed to their original bodies. Reaper still had Kuri after this transformation, but eventually Laikos freed the both. “Kuri” the name he decided for himself, was a golden beam of sunshine, hence his golden hair. He decided to become the scout of the team, as Jei built skates into him, enabling him to reach high speeds. As for Laikos, his left eye was missing, but was replaced with an eye of sparkling gold, which he hides under his hair. Kuri eventually trained his legs and body to withstand high damage and earning his double uzi’s. He eventually achieved “god of timelines” by moon, and is happy with the result, however he can only consume sugar, all else is useless. Using his speed as a weapon, Kuri is able to manipulate timelines by traveling fast enough through space and time itself, however not truly editing the timelines as he treasures all life and will not cut or edit a timeline unless absolutely necessary. Being the fifth member of Team Delta, he has proved his worth many times, using his incredible speed to get hostages, kill terrorists, and be a nuisance to any enemy in his way.

TEAM ULTIMATE ABILITY: Being the god’s to serve humanity, as well as being battle enchanters, they all combine into J.A.C.K.A.L, their ultimate ability. They all forme into armor, and all attach themselves to a user, that user has the ability to control the armor, and use all of the abilities, even their ultimates, whenever. They will only inhabit a good soul, and if used for evil, the armor will detonate and kill the user.


My Appearance

Laikos: Blue, lightning like hair and eyes; one gold one blue, long length covering left eye. Wearing travelers cloaks, ninja cloaks, special designed Team Delta armor, well built

Locust: Blood red hair and eyes, extendable nails, surgeon’s uniform, traveler’s cloaks, ninja cloaks, special designed Team Delta armor, suit, well built,

Jei: Grey hair and eyes, glasses, University professor’s uniform, ninja cloaks, special designed Team Delta armor, lightly built

Reaper: Black hair and eyes, shark like teeth, heavily built, suit, traveler cloak, ninja cloak, special designed Team Delta armor

Rasin: Purple hair and eyes, shark like teeth, well built, traveler cloak, king’s cloak,

Ramses: White hair and eyes, slightly built, golden cloak, brown satchel, puppets,

Kuri: Golden hair and eyes, thin, scout uniform, helmet and skates in feet.




Laikos: Green jeweled spear, L-96 (full auto, packs a punch) , smoke bombs, lightning shurikens, rappel rope, magic, scanning mask

Locust: Nails, surgeon mask, anti-meds, tear spray, poison gas, smoke bombs, shurikens, R-6 (pistol), syringes

Jei: Glasses, many many gadgets, black spear, J-32 (sniper), smoke bombs, shurikens, book of endless, pencil

Reaper: Twin shotguns (RX), Ballistic extendable shield, smoke bombs, shurikens, portal summoning

Rasin: Royal Scepter (SK), Lusion (silenced pistol), shurikens, void magic

Ramses: Puppets, Brown satchel for holding of said puppets, strings, extreme agility

Kuri: Twin uzi’s (TABS), orange juice packet, skates, helmet, knee and elbow pads, explosives,

My Secrets Are...

Laikos: Adoptive son, Ryuu, hidden daughter Sapphire, still pines for Katrina

Locust: Afraid of the Ocean

Jei: Absolutely gullible

Reaper: Enjoys romance television and books in his spare time

Rasin: Has a wife, Kira

Ramses: Is secretly in love with Curatrix

Kuri: His “Reaper” side

I Believe...

We should find peace somehow, no matter how.