Cu Chulainn




The Hound Of Ulster

Romantic Interests

Completely and utterly head over heels with his woman, Zoey, however, doesn't stop him being an incorrigible flirt with..well…anything with a pulse

Who Am I...

The Son Of A God And A Queen

My Story Is...

Appeared in the Red Sun one day due to some quantum or Divine accident. So beguiling was this world, that his own passed into memory. A strong warrior, but a weak man, he strayed from the path


Although a chieftain of his tribe, based in the Ulaid, through his own inaction and idiocy, he had betrayed his people and his country by providing poor leadership.


The outcome of this is that he has been exiled from his clan and his name struck from the Royal Rolls. He is now a landless alien, without country or clan, never able to return to Ulster. A rogue warrior, he now lives in the world between worlds and is often seen at the Red Sun Inn


He has an amiable, affable nature. He has easily made friends at the Red Sun and is unswerving in his loyalty to them.

My Appearance

Tall, broad and brawny man of 6’8″

Blue/black tattoos of Celtic design. Sometimes woad warpaint.

Red/gold hair, usually cropped short.

Pale grey eyes.

Very muscular.

Often seen wearing a kilt




Sometimes seen with a hurley (hurling stick)


A broadsword with magical properties, a gift from the God, Raziel

In battle, a round shield of copper, wood and toughened leather. His insignia, a red howling dog on a white field.

A dagger.



My Secrets Are...

After a particularly arduous combat he is visited by another supernatural figure, Lugh, who reveals himself to be Cú Chulainn’s father. Lugh puts Cú Chulainn to sleep for three days while he works his healing arts on him. While Cú Chulainn sleeps the youth corps of Ulster come to his aid but are all slaughtered. When Cú Chulainn wakes he undergoes a spectacular ríastrad or “distortion”, in which his body twists in its skin and he becomes an unrecognisable monster who knows neither friend nor foe. He makes a bloody assault on the Connacht camp and avenges the youth corps sixfold.


Cu Chulainn has, by some quantum accident, lived through all time and space, experiencing life in all its forms, simultaneously. It messed with his head a bit. Some nights, he can put the Hellfire Club to shame!

I Believe...

The old gods