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I didnt come on here to try to bullshit people and say I’m a werewolf or that I suffer from Lycanthropy. I came on here because I am and have always been affected by lunar cycles and have had some strange things happen in my life. My first dream that I remember was I had a high fever and there was a red eyed wolf looking in my window when I was like 2 or 3. What 2 or 3 year old sees that type of thing. It wasnt like I knew what a werewolf was then. Another thing is I have enlarged canine teeth, especially the top ones. They are over 1/4″ longer ( use to be almost a half inch longer, but I use to grind my teeth at night) than the rest of my teeth and it looks like I have vampire teeth or something and are still extremely sharp. I also have acute night vision and have always had that. As for my lunar cycles, about 10 days before a full moon and 5 days after, I become extremely restless, develop a viracious appetite and become extremely horny. I also have an extreme command over canine animals. Dogs of all types seem to fear me even if I’m gentle towards them. I also find myself having reoccuring dreams of being a werewolf or being hunted by werewolves. I also tend to wake myself up growling and snarling around this time with teeth bared. I once dated a pagan witch who told me I had an extremely strong wolf spirit in me. I took that with a grain of salt because she believed in “little people” or “gnomes”. What the hell does all this mean? I also have animalist or more accurately, a monsterous rage, that I have to fight to supress. What the hell is this?