Deyanira Dragonheart

Who Am I...

Shur-Drow ~ Demon/Drow Halfbreed

My Story Is...

The last remaining Elder of the fallen BloodLetter Demon Clan though I have dropped the name and focus solely on my future, I am the sole protector of my little sister Agrona. We have been adopted into DragonHeart Family where I stand as the Eldest and as Father’s second in command.


I am a Shur-Drow ~ Demon/Drow Halfbreed with all of there strengths but none of there weaknesses. Destruction follows wherever I step where pain lives on. I respect no one and I never will. I am the top of the food chain and the strongest to survive. Never been broken and have never been dominated and I never will be. I’m not nice and I don’t care, I don’t have manners and I don’t follow propriety. I’m a cold blooded killer and I’ll eat your heart and put your head on a spike in my room. Only few handful of people ever get to see me as ^nice^, and they know who they are. You touch a member of my Family and make my little sister nervous or scared and I’ll tear you to pieces.


With the Dragonheart Family each is bonded with a dragon. I am bonded with Ancalagon, a black and red massive sized dragon. Together we are deadly and unstoppable. We will kill without remorse and destroy any and all that stand against our Family.

My Appearance

Shur Drow:Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Though I have grown stronger to have a humanoid look:
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My Secrets Are...

Multiple weapons you will only see when I kill you with them..

My Dragon Ancalagon: