Guy of Gisborne




Who is he?: Gisborne was the Sheriff of Nottingham’s second-in-command, and managed the Locksley estate in Robin’s absence. He was reluctant to relinquish control over it and took a dark satisfaction in being named its permanent lord after Robin is outlawed. His eagerness for land of his own comes from bitterness over having no actual Gisborne estate, and he contemplated renaming Locksley to Gisborne.

He was also a suitor of Lady Marian of Knighton, but she did not return his affections, being in love with Robin Hood. However, Gisborne practically forces her into an engagement with him.


Personality: At first, Gisborne was portrayed as cold, pitiless, cruel, sadistic, extremely malicious, bitter and sarcastic. He unquestioningly obeyed the orders of Vaisey and had no qualms about resorting to torture or murder if he felt a situation demanded it. He possessed a great hatred of Robin Hood and tried to kill him on numerous occasions. He is also highly intelligent and extremely cunning, and seen by much of Nottingham as an iron-fisted, cruel and heartless individual but nobody could even begin to understand his inner potential.


England (Nottingham, Locksley Village)

Romantic Interests

"That's none of your bussiness filthy peasant!"

Who Am I...

"Well, It's Sir Guy to you."



My Secrets Are...

*Laughs* “Oh, you would wish but you will not ever know.”

I Believe...

"Everyone should obey me."