La Grande, OR

Date of Birth


Relationship Status


Romantic Interests

beautiful immortal women, and mortal women

Who Am I...

a lycan with hopes of peace with the other tribes.

My Story Is...

I was born in the early sixteenth century, and was turned when i was 23 years old. since then i have lived in human society, changing when the urges take me, living off of animals hiding in the woods, running from the hunters known as the silver sickle. i have loved many women and been married twice to mortals. i am no longer looking to find love that will only be lost again. i am looking for someone beautiful to spend my immortal life with.

My Secrets Are...

i dream i am an old man laying on my death bed. my whole family abandons me and the world forsakes me, and then i die.

I Believe...

in a life after this immortality, a life where the pain is gone