Nyoko Hisakawa-Dragonheart -san

Who Am I...

Young Kunoichi Trained Lycan

My Story Is...

Raised in an Samurai village as the only child of Chief Lord Katsumoto, when rogue ninjas attacked the village she was taken prisoner since the Ninjas were impressed with her fighting skills at such a young age, and was the only one left alive from the village.

Her new Master was cruel and treated her as an prisoner and tortured her even as he trained her, teaching her a lot of what he knew, but never enough that she would be a threat to him. Soon she thrived under the training until she could defeat all but him.. Then one time she was left on the verge of death after one particular cruel lesson fight, laying broken and bleeding where she had fallen she struggled to survive, when she was found by an wandering Kunoichi Ninja Master, whom took her in and started to heal her, revealing herself as one of the highest in their Order; Kazuko Sakakida  -sama. Once healed Master Kazuko -sama began her training anew and spared no expense and soon she proved to be an true apprentice.. Then on the pairs travels through new lands Nyoko was somehow lost from her Master and later found by Vincente Dragonheart whom took her in and adopted her, later on Master Kazuko -sama had found her and settled as well in the Dragonheart Kingdom and.created an secret dojo where she continued Nyoko’s training.

Somehow the security of the dojo was broken as rogue ninjas sent by Nyoko’s former Master had tried to abduct her, at first they were pushed back and two of them were killed by Dragonheart trained Ninja’s, an gift from Kazuko Sakakida -sama to Vincente. However during one mission outside of the Dragonheart Kingdom, on an training mission by herself she was outnumbered and knocked unconscious by ninja’s sent by her former Master, held prisoner once again she stayed for quite awhile until she regained her strength and fought her way out. Going in hiding as she clothed herself in the ninja clothing and wearing the mask to hide her face she wandered around searching for her home and her Master Kazuko -sama. Finding her way back to the secret dojo in the Dragonheart Kingdom through an secret passageway she wandered once again not quite sure of her exact surroundings but hoping she was close, never revealing herself to an single person and staying in the shadows like an true Ninja..