The Ancient Halls of the Lost Ones

April 15, 2017 in Uncategorized

In times long past there were great kings and queens, gods that ruled the land of Sod, living among their people and using their incredible powers to enhance the lives of everyday citizens. But one day a darkness fell across the land, hiding the sun behind a wall of clouds that would never rain. This cause the gods and kings to fall into a deep slumber, which has lasted for thousands of years…

… It was in those times that the hagrid ones come, the shaggy beasts of moss and mane that stalk the nights and hunt our lands, feasting on the souls of the innocent…

But in this time of darkness, warriors rose, battle-hardened knights that fought astride winged beasts of flame and light, defending the realms of the simple folk from the oppression of their monstrous foes.

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