Rose Blue Witheren

Date of Birth


Relationship Status


Romantic Interests


Who Am I...

A lost human looking for adventure and a place to call home.

My Story Is...

I lost my parents at a very young age and have been growing up alone every since.  I’m not sure what my parents were but I seem human enough. My eyes are the only thing that doesn’t seem human.

My Appearance

Height: 4’11”

Weight: around 100 pounds

Gender: Female

She is of Nordic descent, meaning she is white skinned. She has brown straight hair that reaches about mid back. Her eyes are two different colors. The left being blue and the right red. Across the right one, there is a scar that goes over it.

She usually wears her signature clothing. A pair of tight brown pants. A white puff blouse and usually a brown cape with a hood. She also has a brown satchel to hold her few possessions. She also owns a necklace in the shape of a blue heart. She believes it came from her parents but the true origins are unknown.


A few coins and a small blue heart shaped necklace.

My Secrets Are...

well, they wouldn’t be secrets if I told you, would it? *giggles while eyes flash in corresponding colors*

I Believe...

in life after love