Patch James



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P a t c h   A n t h o n y   J a m e s
Early 30’s (Look wise)
Leader of the Venture Clan
Resides in London

Patch James is a dangerous vampire who kills anything and anyone just for his own amusement. His family disowned him the second he turned into a vampire.
Patch has grown and adjusted to this modern life. He tortures and destroys anyone who comes across his path.
He has not one friend but many enemies. But he simply doesn’t care. Patch is an arrogant asshole who has a very stubborn and wicked personality, the pain and fear he inflicts on others gets him off. He loves striking fear and terror in humans eyes. There is absolutely nothing he would rather do than to tease and torment someone until their death.

Patch is the leader of The Venture Clan. He has been the leader for decades. Patch and his clan go through cities and demolishes them. They kill everything and anyone. They taunt and torture the weak humans, while they all rape and destroy every living human’s lives.
Patch is a cold hearted monster and nothing will ever get through to him. He is the chaos in this world.


H i s   A p p e a r a n c e
His hair is a shaggy dark brown, matching the scruff on his face.
He has crescent blue eyes with fare pale white skin.
His body type is muscular and fit.
He stands of six foot four.
He wears a dark chocolate brown jacket
with a black V-neck shirt and black jeans with matching shoes

M Y    P A G E

~ My RP is 18+ There will be drugs, sex, violence etc.

If you’re not okay with that, than I suggest you don’t  RP with me.

~I prefer comments, but inbox works to. I wont RP over IM.

~ I wont respond to one liners, I RP semi/multi paragraph.

~ Even though I usually have multiple RP’s going, If my character is in a relationship in one, that is the only relationship I will have.

The relationships are only in RP not INRL. So please don’t take them seriously.

~ Sometimes it will take me a while to respond, but I always get back to you.

~ If you’re interested in being a family member and/or on my profile let me know! We can come up with a story that works for both of our characters!