My name is Thana, pleased to make your acquaintance.

Date of Birth


Relationship Status

Not Interested

Romantic Interests


Who Am I...

I'm Thana, a demon

My Story Is...

Thana’s backstory is a work in progress.

My Appearance

Thana is a dark-skinned girl, her hair is usually in box braids, but when she takes them out her natural hair is quite long. She’s doe-eyed and soft-lipped, gifted with a supple and delicate frame. Her usual apparel is a (hand-me-down) grey university sweatshirt, a locket with an elegant design, denim jeans, socks, and purple sneakers.


A purple staff, Midnight, (A small, shapeshifting demon) her phone, a journal, and some small candies

My Secrets Are...

“I was gifted with a strange staff that oozes a strange source of magic…”

“My cat, Midnight, isn’t actually blind.”

“I sneak downstairs at night to eat my mother’s chocolate.”

“I’m well acquainted with a stray puppy, I made him a little shelter a ways away from my home.”

I Believe...

that one can change