Carin Snow



Who Am I...

A demon's little girl.

My Story Is...

She should be normal.She shouldn’t be both a demon and a human. Her fate should not have been taken from her. But it was.

Long before her birth, a man and a woman were in love. They should have been married and lived a long, happy life together. But life isn’t a fairy tale

Down below, in the depths of Hell, a demon sat and watched. His name was Kalen, and from down below, he was captivated by the woman. She was everything beauty could hope for. And because of that, Kalen wanted her.

So in the depths of night, he came to the surface of Earth, and took a human appearance. Now to put his plan in action. He found the man the woman was in love with, and with a smile on his face, killed the man. After hiding the body, he took the man’s form, masquerading to be with the woman.

Not long after, they had a child. That very child was Carin. She was the beginning for Kalen and the end for her mother. As Carin’s face touched the first few moments life, her demonic powers killed her mother, marking her part demon.

Kalen took Carin, and moved to a remote place in the world of which the humans lived in. He trained her, making her his assassin. From powers to weapons to fighting, he taught his daughter of Hell to kill both humans and the supernatural alike.

But through all of this, Carin wants freedom. She wants to be normal. But it’s hard to be normal when reality says your not.


Blood Control- She can control blood. She can use where’s whenever she wants. Opponents, however, must have a bleeding wound in order to control their blood.

Fear Manifestation- She can go through someone’s brain and read their doubts and fears. When that is found, her pupils will turn into slits, and force her opponent to see their biggest fears.
This does lend itself to mind reading, however, it is painful for her. If she is not reading anyone’s fears or doubts, and is purely reading someone’s thoughts, memories, feelings, etc. She will be overtaken by pain, and in some cases depending, will become very ill.

Hell Binding- Since she is part demon, Carin is able to bind people’s souls to Hell. Meaning, they go to Hell alive or dead.

-Thanks Adam.

*Do not control my character
*I’m not big on sex scenes
*If you would like to RP, just message me.



My Secrets Are...

Something I never share.