Date of Birth


Relationship Status

Im the mate of Curatrix

Romantic Interests

Futas mostly and my Cura

Who Am I...

A 9 tailed Fox demon that has had a dark past.

My Story Is...

A Powerful 9 tailed fox demon

My Story Is…
My name is Ruby I’m a Nine tailed Fox demon that was born to a small village of kitsune i lived there till I was 5 years old I lived happily till the day the figure made of black smoke attacked he killed my village and my parents in front of my eyes i ran to the forest and lived out there running from figure for 3 more years it eventually caught me and stabbed me with a cursed blade. After i was nearly killed the island disappeared without a trace leaving me at sea after a day of floating unconscious a large cargo ship picked me up and took me to a orphanage for demon children in the north continent I lived there till my 17th birthday that’s when I left with my best friend Fang a female human-basilisk hybrid we made money by doing fighting tournaments after years of doing this i finally took the champion title from the king and queens son which allowed me to become royalty after a few years of living happily i learned the king and queen were using me as entertainment i ran away from them and got a boat down to the closest town to the Inn i stopped talking with my demon friends due to concern of the king and queen hunting them down it was at this inn where I met my mate/wife Cura. Not long after meeting her my demon side and my good side started fighting for control making hundreds of new forms some I can control others I have no control of.

My Appearance

Blood Red hair, Red eyes, 9 tails which can be changed to any element i have seen, DD breasts, and a slender figure, Sharp canines, and razor Sharp claws


*Demonic plate armor made from a demonic dragons scales from the demon realm,Two demoic greatsword made from the dragons teeth,And a few summoning crystals that summon hordes of demons.

My Secrets Are...

That I don’t know how to control my own powers past my humanoid form and my full Fox form to know the rest you will need to earn my trust.

I Believe...

Even monsters can be loved.