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Discussion: Government of Persistence and Landmarks of Palisade

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Hello all of you lovely people. I was just wondering what the official rules for the Persistence Government was. I remember we did that a while back (some time during winter?? Not this winter, but the one before.) If some one has a word document with the rules of election and who was currently in office, that would be amazing if they could share it down in the comments! If no one has that, or if there is really no government, maybe there could be events to figure that out again?

Also, I realized that maybe there could be more land marks added to Palisade, officially. I was looking at the Persistence page ( ) which already has a volcano, swamp, mountains, jungles and ports. Maybe lakes? New mountains? Official names? There is also the Magi Castle, and the original sites (like the memorial site for all the old wars, and the old noble houses!)

Soooo.. comment ideas, if that’s alright? I have no clue!!! I just think some more could be done, since recently there hasn’t been a lot going on plot wise for the Persistence country state.

(Also I saw this, and I had to share it with you guys. This is awesome:… )


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