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in search for a sire

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hello my name is ryan . for years ive been looking for someone to turn me . i will do anything to be turned into a vampire. will someone plz help me

  1. Gabriel Suli 14 years ago

    you should explore your humanity before you reject it so willingly. There is great power in the mortal spirit

  2. ShadowWolf 14 years ago

    yes I agree with Gabriel humanity is not weak. Humanity can be very strong. So please consider the pros and cons to being a vampire before you finnaly choose

  3. XxAlicexX XxPrylexX 14 years ago

    i would help but im not a full vampire i am only half im half werewolf to

  4. Ekaterina 12 years ago


    Thank you againg for taking time and posting your lessons. 

    I have a question….I never tried meditating…. and its been hard for me to concentrate and focus…while doing nothing Can you give me an advise.

    I don’t want to go on without mastering the 1st lesson… 

    Thank you!

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