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Pome – The traveller

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this a pome I got in a calendar so I thought I would shear it. I don’t know who it is by I only know it is called the traveller.

A traveller came knocking, knocking at my door

 And though I didn’t know his face he said we’d met before.

He asked of me a question

‘Now that Lammas time is hear, have you seen John Barleycorn?

I’ve heard that he is near.’

I shook my head not knowing

And he pointed to the skies

‘Look see the harvest coming, watch how black crow flies.’

A traveller came knocking, knocking at my door

He’d come to make enquiry as he had done before.

‘Winter solstice is upon us, snow flurry all around

I come in search of Jack Frost, have you seen sight or sound?’

I shook my head not knowing

And he pointed to the floor

‘Feel the ground so solid, and listen to crow’s caw’

 A traveller came knocking, knocking at my door

‘I’ll ask of you a question, what was it that you saw?

For Imbolc is beginning and I come to seek the Hare.’

But I shook my head not knowing 

I’d not seen him anywhere

his scale finger pointed, out towards the crop

‘Feel the March winds blowing, watch the black crows flock’

A traveller came knocking, knocking at my door

And now at last I knew him

That cloak, that beak, that claw

For now it was warm Beltane, I know whom he did seek.

‘I’m in search of Jack’ he said ‘the one within the green.’

I nodded my head knowing, I said you’ll find him here

In tree, in bush, in blades of grass, the one you seek is near.

 That traveller who came knocking, knocking at my door

With the news I gave him

He rose up from the floor.

With jet black cloak spread open, he glided on warm breeze

And though I shouted after him, he ignored my desperate pleas.

So now I look towards the sky, the ground, the field, the moor

Waiting for his return, listening for his caw.   

  1. Morgana Nim Pendragon 6 years ago

    Can you recommend anything besides iron?

    I’d rather not you something its so poisonous to so many species

  2. Mercy Quicksilver 5 years ago

    Thank you for sharing this poem with us

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