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November 2010 Journal Posts (9)

My life.

This is my story take it as is.

I awoke at the age of 5 no memories of the past nor a dream to remember. To a family that I feel is not my own but one I have accepted. My life has been one that most couldn’t relate to one of mystery and madness. I have seen and experienced things most only dream of. I don’t know everything about myself yet but I know one thing I am not…


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im looking for a mate the right girl i dont care what spieces

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it started when i was born i was born with the mark of the clan on my body and i was post to become the head of the clan but i didnt i ran away because of what they did but on my 13th birthday i found out that i had the powers to use all the elements and i could transform into a wolf but i was different from the rest of the clan unique i had powers that no one has as i returned to my clan 2 years later when i was 15 and there was a new leader already controling the clan so i battled the…


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i am looking for a mate if you are intrested pm me or ask me and tell me about you and if you want to know about me ready my story i have more to add to it but if you want to know more plz ask

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My Lycan Experiences 3

lately, things have grown heavy. i find that my instincts are harder to control than i origonaly thought. ive been having dreams of hunting lately. here's one:

"im moving thourgh the forest on my fours, the sent of blood fills my nose. as i approch a small clearing, the following image greets my eyes. i see seven figures; five wolves, and two angels. the wolves are unusualy colored; one red, one green, one blue, one gold, and a large violet wolf that seems to be the alpha. but…


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our time.

i believe it is our time to fight back. i am training to transform. i am stronger as a wolf. i believe that we have been hunted far to long and its time to pick off those pesky hunters. our kind has starved, has died, has been tortured by these stupid hunters. i am far to tired with it. all those that agree with me should find a mentor, learn to fight, and fight. i myself probably am considered a pup. or a young wolf. i am only 13 years of age but that means ive had 13 years to… Continue

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If you need a master,trainer,sinsei or mentor to help you transform please let me know i will be glade to help you if you need answers for your dreams or strange things thats been happening lately to you tell me what they are and ill be able to help you with whats going on with what is happening to you.

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Okay yeah I get called crazy alot so im kinda expecting that so feel free to watever you feel like saying after this. nothing bothers me anoymore.

Me and my Friends, cody and Megan, were walking through the woods today ( I live in front of a woods we were only walking through it to get to the beach ) and i kept seeing shadows. my friends saw nothing so yeah i just forgot about it and kept walking... halfway to the beach i coulda sworn i saw…


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I was in the woods in my human form walking as i smelt blood it was getting stronger when i walked deeper into the woods so i transformed into my wolf form following the smell as i come to to a old village i seen blood and bodys everywhere the old village burnt and destroyed there was one guy alive and i came to him and i kneeled infront of him as he grabs my hand and puts 6 stones in my hand as he tells me to protect them and than he dies as i hold the stones and they glow to my touch as i… Continue

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