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Ankillia - An evil serpentine dragon that lives in the Egyptian dessert. It is generally thought to be of a lower intelligence, and unable to speak. It is however smart enough to hide beneath the sands of the dessert, waiting for an unsuspecting traveler to walk on top of him. Then he will spring out and wrap his long jagged scaled body around the poor soul, killing them almost instantly. About 3 meters long, Ankilla prefers the taste of human, and will generally lie in wait just outside of secluded villages.

Anthony Scotch Terpin – A 25 long, extremely thin dragon that lives in the sewers of Manhattan. He is transparent in color which makes him extremely difficult to see or catch. This dragon is known for his love of really good pizza, and for the nasty habit of occasionally looking up young human girls skirts, from the grates in the sidewalk. He however, strongly denies any such accusations.

Appa Tillia - A Jovial dragon that often referred to himself as a philosopher, although he is known to love women a lot more than wisdom. Enormous, with bright golden scales, he has human limbs, and is occasionally found wearing a finely tailored suite, although he is just as often seen to go around bare and scaled. He was a fixture at the tables of many of the great philosophers throughout history, although he never gained the fame or popularity to really burst out onto the big scene. Since the ibception of the age of science, he has retreated into his caves to write his books of philosophy, which he publishes under an assumed name.

Apastaccio - A reclusive dragon, Apastaccio is most well known for the spells that he gave to the secret order of Blood. These spells are said to contain the formulae for prophecy. While this formulae does not actually bestow any power, it does hold the secret to truly unlocking the hidden powers of prophecy and foresight. Apastaccio lives in the Mediterranean, in a cave on a small island just off of the coast of Greece, where he lunges each day on an enormous pile of golden coins, collected from throughout the millennia.

Balderic the Bold - Leader of the Wing, this fercious blue scaled beast goes into battle wielding an enormous axe. This weapon was fashioned for him by a million tiny Flicker Fairies, as a gift for saving them from Theodorus, a nasty wyvern that was set to burn down their enchanted glen.

Enormous in size, he has human limbs, built onto a serpent’s scaled and slippery body. His head is ferocious and full of glistening teeth, which he is happy to use on his enemies.

Leading the Wing, a group of aerial assault dragons that generally serve in the Great Elvish Host of the South, he has been involved in many great battles throughout history. Most of these battles occur in arctic regions, where humans and other animals cant interfere, which is where his blue camouflaged skin becomes especially useful.

Bocca – A real party dragon, this beast has been lured out of hiding throughout history when great celebrations have caught his eyes. While he knows he cannot participate directly in these events, as the terror he would inspire would ruin the party, but he does lurk on the edges, watching and dancing, waving his long scaley body in time with the rhythm.

However when safer creatures, such as elves have great festivals, he likes to participate fully, leaping in and being a real life of the party.

Bederic The Bald - A green, Wyvern, often sighted in the murky marshes of Indonesia. He got the title "The Bald" because while his body is entirely green, the very top of his head is a soft pink color, that makes him look like he is balding. Of course his powerful dragon scales are just as impervious on the top as on the bottom

Byd - The king of the Firefly Dragons, Byd is a wopping 6 inches in size, which is quite large for a dragon of his ilk. He is best known for his part in spying on the Italian's, and most specifically on Mussolini himself, during the second human world war. His efforts were vital, providing troop movements, strategic initiatives, and even palace gossip to the Allied commanders of the invasion of the Italian peninsula.

Ceasara Sil - considered by some to be the most beautiful of dragons, Caesara's appearance is matched only by the brutal intellect that lurks beneath. Her body is made up of a symphony of aqua green and soft pink scales, which merge translucently into one another, while capturing tendrils of light just beneath their surface. Her eyes are a gently merging trio of blue, pink, and yellow.

She is most well known for her part in the great royal coup of 1237, where she actually became empress of the Earthly dragons for a short time, before being replaced by her cousin, Ryalasta The Impervious

Daniel Stormhorn - A fierce and proud blue dragon that lives in the towering peaks of the Scandinavian peninsula. It is said that on fiercly cold days he loves to fly up high in the air and chase the clouds as the flow back and forth in the wind. The sound of his wings flapping has been compared to thunder, and the force of wind he generates is said to actually increase the turbulence in teh area.

Gusseric Greenbelly - A rather odious dragon, Gusseric is actually remembered more for the foul smell he emitted from his body than for any specific deed or act. He is said to live in the far reaches of southern New Jersey, where is unctuous odor is masked by the states industry.

Hask The Scale Biter - Hask was an enormous beast, often compared to a mountain in size. His heyday was during the early Jurassic period, roughly the one hundred million years ago as humans reckon time. He was known to use this massive size as a weapon against the indigenous creatures of the planet, namely the dinosaurs. While most dragons shunned the mindless beasts, Hask loved to engage whole packs of predators in combat, in order to hone his skills. It wasn't purely pleasure that prompted him to harass the dinosaur, he always ate the remains after the battle, and after each meal, he would grow a little bigger. As his body grew, so did his appetite and so he gave battle to more dinosaurs.

Near the end of his life Hask became too enormous to battle against the earths own gravity, and he slowly sunk into the ground, becoming a mountain of flesh and dirt that still stands to this day. There is a lot of fear amongst dragons that he will one day be awoken, and will resume his destructive activities, only this time on the human population of the planet. This could prompt the great war that is whispered of in legend and prophecy.

- A stunning dragon, whose scales glowed with a soft amber light, Illiyena is a legend amongst legendary creatures. She appeared roughly 300,000 years ago from some unknown location, and began preaching a new code of morality, law, and metaphysics, which completely took the dragon world by storm. Her ideas of equality, freedom, and harmony with the planet, revolutionized the way that dragons interacted not only with the world at large, but also with one another. it is her wisdom that ended the great Dragon Wars, which had raged from time unknown.

Illiyena disappeared under mysterious circumstances a few short centuries after she appeared. There is very little information, even in the dragon world, as to what happened to her. ikt is almost like dragons have blinders on about her. they can remember her words, and her ideas, but if you ask a dragon something specific about her life they get fuzzy and evasive.

Joline Firefly - A tiny little firefly dragon, only a few inches in length. She was the first Queen of the Fireflies, whom she led in battle band peace for most of the first millennium of the earths existence.

Ryalasta the Impervious - One of the most reviled dragon emperors in history, it was Ryalasta that started the Human Wars. He did this by destroying the Church oif the Annointed in Saint Favreaux France, in 1255 CE. This prompted the Humans to label dragon ilk as "satanic" and started a crusade against dragon kind which lasted through most of the middle ages.

Sylvia Esmeralda Tinh - A lascivious dragon, known for her penchant for human meat, and flirtatious feats. Some of her famous flings include Ryalasta the Impervious, Bocca, and even human American President JFK, who she seduced while in one of her human transformational forms.

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