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The Drunken Dragon Inn

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The Inn is set in the booze district of the magical city of beasts known as Ruin. There, monsters live, they thrive, they grow and survive. Trolls, Ogres, Giants, Demons, Mountain Kobolds and Cthuvian Horrors, all exist together in a seamless harmony brokered by the Minions of Tor that watch over everything.

The Inn itself is a place of debauched revelry. The worst beasts and beings from across the universe gather here in this ramshackle building to drink too much, grope too much, cuss too much and engage in any and every excess that can be imagined. They are the slovenly and the losers of the magical world, but they need a home too, and this is it.

The shack that houses the Drunken Dragon Inn is by necessity magical, growing, shrinking, resizing and repairing to match any creature, any need. Within the walls there is a sense of security, without authority, which produces an atmosphere where inhibitions are often shed, leading to scandalous actions by even the most stalwart of souls.

And presiding over this conclave of the damned, drunk, and slovenly, is Barry the Barkeep, sometimes known as Barry the Bad, a comic book nerd turned super villain turned super god turned slinger of drinks, he is beyond powerful and yet he reserves his rights and doesn’t bother to push any agenda, or even keep the peace in his ramshackle domain.

So do you dare, to enter the city of Ruin, do you dare to tread the treacherous passages… of the Drunken Dragon Inn?


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