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A Letter..

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Dear Tony,

I miss you so much.. You were apart of my world, and one of the few.. The few that I would give my affection too.. The few I could Trust.. And tell my secrets too.. I’d do anything For You… You were apart of my heart.. And now you are no longer there.. I dream of you so often, and beg for you stay.. But then I wake up, only to find that what we had wasn’t enough.. Ohh How I loved you so much… But I guess it wasn’t enough.. 

We had Such Friendship and Bond that I thought would never break.. And now I sit here with tears feeling my heart ache..

I Idolized you like God.. And secretly Adoptive you in my Mind as My Father..

My Father……

I’d give anything to Wish that you Really Were! 

Everything you ever did, Impressed me, Inspired me, and had me Cherish it all.. From your Narcissistic behavior, to your Brilliant Dreams of Inventions. To just fixing up a Race car, and Driving around the Track..  Or to just stare at your Goofy Loving Smile..  I Loved You More Than Life Itself..

I dont know if you ever knew that.. And you may never….. If this letter never gets read..

I remember every single day I spent with you.. With Every Touch, Word, and Smell that Makes me Laugh and Cry at the Same Time..

I remember you putting a Huge Hole from Living room Floor, because of project you working on in your Basement! Or how you set off all the sprinklers to go in the weight room.. I even remember when we would fix up a Pizza or Coffee in the kitchen and talk about absolutely nothing.. And how you took off to Afghanistan one day without telling me and had Jarvis to tell me.. I even remember when we had Justin Hammer to deal with.. Or when I tried on One of Your Iron Suits And HATED Every Second I Was In That Thing.. And you were trying to teach me How to fly..  It was Our secret that we were Friends.. And I couldn’t have you lose the respect of so many people who looked up to you as hero..  And You never tried to change me from being a thief.. And yet you Trusted me, the day I Squashed a Bug..

I miss you…

I miss Our Ups and Downs.. The Laughter, the Awkward Silence.. And Even Our Ugly Fights.. I Loved Everything About You.. About Us… You Are One part of my Heart, that Always Breaks… And I can only hope that one day are paths do cross…

But if it doesnt.. Then I hope you understand.. I need to fill this void that still hurts.. Much like how people get a new pet, when the one they love is no longer around.. I need to try to fill this space, that is really meant for you.. Someone who is just as Smart in the Same way, as you are.. And has that Witty Winners Charming Personality, with the same Narcissistic behavior..  But obviously No one near as good looking as you.. You Are One Of The Most Handsome Men I have Met.. Right Next to My Real Father and My Husband.. 

I Wish, I Wish.. That I could have at least given you one last Kiss upon your forehead.. But I guess I can in my Dreams.. But it still isn’t the same.. And will never be.. And will just further break my heart with every waking from that dream.. 

I Love you Tony Stark… And I Always Will.. You May Not Be Apart Of My Life Anymore.. But I Am Changed From Having Known You.. And Loving You.. You Will Always Be A Treasured Friend In My Heart.. God Bless Where You May Be… For You Will Always Remain My Hero To Me…


And Wishing I Was Your Daughter

Kougar Kyle

{{ This letter Never gets sent.. And remains in a box, with couple of pictures of you and me..}}


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