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Bad Dream or Reality..

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I was young.. I think I had to been four or five years old.. I was going somewhere with my parents.. And there was a storm moving in that night.. I remember seeing a green flashes of the lighting, and the winds blew my hair back away from face, as we arrived at some building.. It seemed fimiliar to me.. White halls, and I can hear other childen and daemon animals in other rooms.. I was carrying Destiny in my arms, my Daemon animal soul that was a Black Cat at the time, as my parents lead me down the hall..

“Mummy, why are we here? Im tired I wanna go home..” Mummy and Daddy have some work we need to finish.. It wont take long, I promise Sweety..”

As she then touches my cheek, and looks at me with a smile that I dont feel right about.. And I turn to look at Daddy, but he doesnt acknowledge me, he just keeps looking straight ahead.. As then I hear a Crack of Lighting, and Thunder So Loud, it Sounds Like the Gods Are Bowling as it Echoes in All Directions, and the Lights Flicker in the building, and my parents lead me into a room, with other adults, wearing some sort of white lab coats or something..

“Mummy I want to goo Hooome!! Im scared!!”

As I remember the Lightening Crashes Again..

“Hunny your safe, Im here.. And the Thunder wont Hurt you”

As she bends down to take my hand and lead to the center of the room where there is this Metal box type chamber or something, and I look at all the people in the room, and something inside me, telling me something isnt right, and I feel the pull of my mothers hand pulling me forward.. And in that moment, I break free from her grip, and turn dropping Destiny as Destiny Runs with me, and I Run out of the Room, and the Down the Hall.. As my mother turns and looks back in Shock, that slipped thru her Grip..

“Selina!! Come Back Here!! Sseelinnaaa!!”

As she and the people in the lab coats go chasing after me.. And then out of no where, two men with a different type of uniforms, come around the corner of the other end of the hallway, and Destiny and Myself run right into them, and they scoop us up, as I start to scream and fight, and Another Loud Clasp of Thunder Crashes, and I Look at the Man that has me, and I Pass Out From the Anxiety of Fear..


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