Mai Ortega




570 years/Looks 24
Sexual Preference
Bi-sexual/Tends to like women more.
Current Occupation
F.B.I. SWAT/Anti-Terrorism
She’s a very outgoing individual despite everything that’s been done to her. She welcomes just about anyone with a smile, and a handshake. Some could consider her as a bubbly type of personality, but she isn’t exactly hyper-happy. She just keeps a bright outlook on her life, and what’s to come.
Her trust is easily gained. However when she is questioned on weapons, or on poisons to kill she does get suspicious. The knowledge to kill is something she doesn’t treat lightly. Violence is something she will attempt to avoid at all costs, and she will attempt to save others from using violence. This has caused her to be selfless in certain situations. People wonder if she would just give her life for any stranger. Her answer would be yes.
You guessed it, she has shoulder length mint green hair and emerald green eyes. Usually she keeps her hair down, and wavy, but there are days she can decide to put it in a bun. It’s rare to see her hair in mess, or with no style. Her skin is pale but healthy. She applies make-up at the start of her day, but she can never cake it on. Only expect pink or red lip gloss, different shades of eye liner, and maybe some blush. She stands at a solid five feet and nine inches, and easily stands at five feet and eleven inches in heels. Her clothing is something you’d see on a woman who looked to come right out of a meeting. She’s almost always in a skirt and to simply put it, designer tops. She always does ware dresses of all kinds. It all depends on how her day is going. It’s rare to catch her in jeans and a shirt, but it’s not impossible.

Even though she looks to be a white night and pure, this is the most impure thing of her. She tends to sleep around with several men and women. She doesn’t try to hide this either. Sometimes she could be in a normal conversation, then the next moment she would be rushing to bed.
Even with her whoreish ways, she has had two companions, and gets very defensive should they be talked about in a rude matter. Her first was a vampire named Will. It took her a while to warm up to this man, but with time she soon found herself in love. With the constant battles in her old land, Will was killed in action. She was not able to save him.
The next was a demon named Alastaire. What started off as a fling became something much more. He was gentle to her, and cared for others. It was these two simple factors that made her fall in love with him. He even proposed to her. Unfortunately, after the nuclear bomb destroyed her lands they were separated. Later she learned that he was ripped apart at the hands of those he once trusted. She couldn’t save him either.
She holds a heavy guilt that she should have been there for both lovers. She’s a healer, but she can’t save those closest to her heart.
Mai is a very skilled healer, and has a small medical room to treat those who are wounded. She could cure many diseases. She could regenerate people’s limbs. She could preform surgeries, and replace organs. She was trained heavily in healing. She wasn’t supposed to save lives though. Her mother and father were teaching her these things so she could take lives. So with this knowledge in healing, she makes for a very deadly opponent.

She knows several pressure points, and should she be able to hit one, she can cut the nerves in these limbs. When she has enough energy charged she could even make organs erupt should she be able to hit her enemy in the right place. She knows her abilities are deadly. She knows what she could do, but instead she continues to focus on saving lives, and not taking lives.


Mai was born into a loving family. Her mother was Renee Ortega, and her father was Ashton Ortega. Both were loving and supporting parents to their daughter, and never once did she have the slightest complaint about them. Through the years of growing up her parents taught her several different things.
Her mother taught her how to speak French, and how to heal even the most severe wounds. She taught her daughter how to be a lady. As for her father, he taught how to fight in several way. How to harness her demonic power in combat. He also taught how to properly handle firearms.Lastly, by the age of eighteen, she taught herself something. If what her mother taught her can save lives, could she use the same abilities to systematically break down a body? The answer was yes. Using her hand-to-hand combat skills, her healing ability, and a bit of demonic power proves to be a gut turning combination in battle.

Her father founded an army of human warriors. They were named the Warlord Army. This army had no purpose other than to kill anything that wasn’t human. It was necessary during a time of war. Plus, humanity was on the brink of extinction due to non-humans. Upon her demands, she enlisted into her father’s army. This took several months of brutal training. They tried to break her physically and mentally. However, she prevailed the training. She has been trained in all environments such ass: urban, jungle, desert, snow, swamp, and aerial/flying. Her craft in hand-to-hand combat was perfected, as well as using several different types of melee weapons. However, her favorite is a fixed blade. Her marksmanship was also perfected, although she doesn’t exactly use this skill often.
She moved through the ranks by skill, and eventually had her own team. These men and women were named Task Force 29. They handled the more sensitive assignments that the other battalions couldn’t. Unfortunately as successful as they were, they were disbanded by her father’s orders. The Warlords turned on him, and assassinated his wife, Mai’s mother, Renee. All Warlords, excluding the five generals, were to be killed.
During the battle to destroy the remaining Warlord soldiers, Mai was dazed, and presumed M.I.A. When she awoke, she was in the remains of the aftermath. Her father was no where to be found. She went off on her own.
Mai had done alright for herself alone. She was first living in a small cottage in the woods and mostly kept to herself. She helped the random traveler that needed help from time to time, but other than that she remained quiet. That was until someone realized she was the daughter to a man who created the infamous Warlord Army, her cottage was burned down. Luckily, she wasn’t in the cottage at the time.
She soon found herself living with a new group of friends. Her best friend, Roxy, and her family of vampires. They lived in a mansion where they had several adventures together, even fell in love together. It all ended when her past caught up with her. One of the retired generals, Wrath Blade, tracker her down to the mansion and informed her that her father wishes to see her again. Roxy wasn’t at all happy with what Mai affiliated herself with, and ultimately banned Mai from the mansion.
Heartbroken, she had no choice but to go with her father once more. She spent most of her time as a combat medic for his new task force that he formed to defend his lands.Things were terrible there, and the nightmares eventually drove her father insane. General of the Warlord Army Wrath Blade killed him. She was saddened by this, but she knew there was no other way.
She stayed with Wrath Blade for some time, helping him where she could, but eventually even they parted ways. She soon found herself living in the city.
Mai was employed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation(F.B.I.) thanks to her father’s connections from helping humanity with their crisis, even if it was over five hundred years ago. A favor is still a favor. After evaluation, Mai was placed in the F.B.I.’s Special Weapons and Tactics(S.W.A.T.) team. Her current assignments consist of making sure non-humans don’t go on killing sprees, and also that everyone follows the special set of laws implemented by the government of humanity.

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– Mai has successfully killed around 50-ish characters.
– Mai is the granddaughter of Lilith the demon. 
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New York City, New York

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Relationship Status


Who Am I...

First daughter to Ashton Ortega, Granddaughter to Lilith



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Everyone deserves mercy.