• Tim Jackson posted an update 12 years, 7 months ago

    @captainjoshuazroyce – I scratch my head, a dumb expression on my face – Your a galactic whatsit from where?

    – Cautiously I take the seat you offer never taking my eyes off of you as I slide in. – What is this place? Dude its like being in star trek or something.

    – I look around with wide eyes bugging out at all of the stimulating colors and buttons. – I dont understand. Are you like an alien or something?

    – Suddenly a thought comes to my mind and I hop out of the chair all excited – HEY! Your not gonna probe me are you? Ive heard all about you weird aliens. Except you don’t look all that weird…. hmmmmm

    – Making sure to keep my back firmly pressed against the wall I glare at you with wild eyes. – Youd better tell me who you are and what your doing here or… I’ll…. I’ll…. well I can be big trouble just you watch and see!

    – I clap my hands together and there is a flash of light. When it passes I am standing there holding a bouquet of pink flowers – What? That was supposed to be a really cruel looking sword! Man the sword trick NEVERRRR works

    – With a groan I toss the posies aside and stand tehre, shivering, waiting for you to explain yourself. –

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