• Tim Jackson posted an update 12 years, 7 months ago

    @captainjoshuazroyce whoaaaaaa soooo cool – As the hologram appears in front of me I reach out to try and touch it but my hand goes right through the image. Im so mesmerized by the total coolness of the 3d picture hovering in front of me that I don’t actually pay attention to what its saying –

    huh? bright light?

    – Suddenly Im enveloped by a painfully bright glow that burns my eyes my skin and even my brain. In my panic I clap my hands together in the really special way that I do and a second light, my light, grows inside of the first. This light contends with the one from the ship for a second and then suddenly it wraps itself around me and I disappear –

    – When I reappear Im in the weirdest place Ive ever seen. Its all chrome and metal and there are blinking lights and levers and buttons everywhere I look. The walls are covered with strange symbols from some language Ive never seen. I look around amazed –

    Wow…. where am I?

    – Then I catch sight of a particularly large and shiny button. Its so pretty and big that I just cant help myself. I run up put out my hand… and press it. –

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