• Tim Jackson posted an update 12 years, 7 months ago

    @captainjoshuazroyce – I come shooting down the meadow running as fast as my legs can carry me as always. I zip past a small hill and then head deep into a dark forest. I keep running narrowly dodging trees and rocks and then zipping out into a clearing. Then suddenly I slam straight head first into something really really hard and Im knocked over on my butt. –

    What the…

    – Looking up I can’t see anything in front of me at all. Its just a big empty clearing like I thought. Standing up a little wobbly from the hit I reach out to feel in front of me and my hands come in contact with something that is not there. At least I can’t see it. But I definitely feel something there. Its all smooth and cold and really really hard. My head can still feel how hard it is. –

    Helllloooooooooooooo. Whats going on here?

    – Slowly I reach into my backpack and pull out the special glasses that let me see secret things. As I look up I am amazed by what appears in front of me –

    Whoa… Cool…

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