• @timjackson She watched you as she laughed shyly and looked downwards at the ice cream. “No no, it is fine. I liked the feeling to be honest” She shoveled in a scoop of ice cream as she closed her eyes enjoying the flavvor rush running through her mouth like a martching parade

  • @timjackson As I sit across form this curious man I can tell that this whole situation has taken him a back when he finally says something.

    “Your a galactic whatsit from where?”

    “I am a captain in the W.R.A.T.H. division of the Galactic Administration, I am basically an interstellar cop. I have been assigned to this solar system, it is my job to…[Read more]

  • @timjackson Laughing, she smiles, her blue eyes slightly shocked by your amazed reaction..

    “I am indeed! No, if i abused my powers they would be taken away for sure.. there are far more powerful gods and goddesses then me.. I control the weather, make plants things grow, and animals have a magnetic attraction to me! I have a few more tricks up my…[Read more]

  • @timjackson Hey erm thanks for the rose…Precious smiles at you

  • @timjackson Edward blinked “ahh but you see i’m also a vampire” He bares his teeth grinning widely.

  • Blue posted an update 12 years, 6 months ago

    @timjackson green is better but blue is my nickname from another site..who knows why

  • @timjackson Yes Robert Pattinson 🙂

  • @timjackson thanks for the comment

  • @timjackson “Hahas…a flower in my hair would be nice”I smiled at Tim.

  • @timjackson The strange man presses the button and a voice rings out from behind him.

    “Nooooooo! What have you done?!”

    He turns to see Z standing there with a look of dismay on his face. Z can see the panic run over Tim’s face just as 3 ice cubes fall from a dispenser above the button he just pressed. The earthling looks down to see the ice hit…[Read more]

  • @timjackson Hey, where do you think you know me from?

  • @timjackson Amara blushed when you kissed her head. She glanced up at you. “Thank you, thats very sweet” She bit her lower lip as she looked down, pushing the ice cream away until her brain freeze was gone. Her head leaned on your stomach as she waited for it to go away, slowly it began to die down. Breathing out slowly, she waited until the…[Read more]

  • @timjackson beeping sound

    As I take a drink of what is called “Bourbon” on this planet I see that my ships detection alarm is going off.

    “Damnit someone has already found it, I parked it in the middle of freaking no where. And yet someone has managed to discover it, what are the odds?”

    Oh well I did plan for such an occurrence, “Initiate…[Read more]

  • @timjackson She nods her blue eyes understanding. Her cheeks blush a little as you tuck the flower behind her ear. She smiles.

    “Even if you didn’t have your magic, i’m sure you would be loved. If i was without my goddess powers i would be an empty shell, a husk and i would be truely alone..”

  • @timjackson Amara laughed. “Calm down, lets just see where our brainfreezes takes us” She shoved a scoop of ice cream in her mouth and grinned looking down. Glancing at you, she couldn’t help but smile and giggle at the same time. The ice cream had been cold going down, giving her a brain freeze. She squinted her eyes. “Ah damn it” She laughed and…[Read more]

  • @timjackson Amara laughed and watched you, her eyes looking down slowly as she laughed. “Ok romeo. Eat your ice cream” She ate a small spoon full before looking at you “And thank you” She kissed your cheek softly. “Thats very sweet of you dear” She smiled and stole a sip of your coke, winking playfully at you and eating a small spoonful.

  • @timjackson I blush a little.
    “Of course I like you! You got me my very own puppy!” I laugh. My eyes widen in amazement as it starts to rain flowers. Holding up my hands I catch handfuls of petals. Scooping up the puppy, I smile quickly standing up.
    “How did you learn this!?”

  • @timjackson I laughs, my laughter makes the sun shine a little brighter. I shake your hand firmly, smiling brightly. I then sit cross legged on the ground petting the puppy lovingly.
    “Nice to meet you too Tim, you almost seem to emit magic!” I shake my head, strands of silvery blond hair hanging over my face.
    “I moved recently, to meet more…
    [Read more]

  • @timjackson Amara giggled and looked down “Your going to give me a stomach ach” She grinned an took a spoon ful, shoving it into her mouth. She grinned at the wonderful taste and took another small spoonful before she leaned back in her chair, smiling out the window lightly.

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