Tim M



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Romantic Interests

Intelligent, Complex and Mysterious Women

Who Am I...

I'm a telepath, precognitive, and much more

My Secrets Are...

I’m Mildly Autistic, I see and communicate with ghosts/Spirits/Demons or whatever other name they go by. There seems to be so many names for them. I also have the real life Grim Reaper/Death who visits me frequently. I have pic of him to prove what I am saying. I’ll upload it very soon. I also seem incapable of dying for some reason unknown to me. I have died and come back to life 4 times now. Died again in early 2010 from fatal pneumonia and fluid in my lungs. Which turns out it was a particularly nasty variant of the Swine Flu. I Came back to life yet again. How I can do that!?!? I still don’t know. I got a huge lecture from my doctor stating that I should have gotten medical help far sooner. He also said he doesn’t know how I managed to still be alive. That only served to freak me out and make me feel even weirder when I have never wanted to be weird or unusual at all. All of what I have said here is true. I feel like a weirdo because of all the bizarre things that keep on happening in my life. I’ve also seen where we go after we die. It’s not what most people will expect.

I Believe...

in a higher power, pretty much any supernatural entity that I have seen and can't explain away logically. I also believe aliens exist. We would all have to be totally ignorant and arrogant to think we are the only intelligent lifeform in the entire universe.