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Dear Diary: Another Chapter To How All My Problems Started..

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Dear Diary: Another Chapter To How All My Problems Started..

The whole thing started about 3 months ago upon the grounds of Nahar’ u Kishori.. My Hellren’s place of work.. I had gotten into an all out fight with Ska Skinwalker.. It was a fight, that had been coming.. And Many secrets unleashed to my Childhood, as I had placed a lot of Blame on her.. She is a servant to Lucifer.. Owned and Marked as His Property..

The Words Flew That Day.. As Well as the Attacks.. And My Hellren got in the Middle of it, trying to Separated us from an All Out Cat Fight.. Only for Us Both, to get Slammed back into a Wall, by the Meer Power Ska Had Shown, and my head Hit the wall a little to Hard, knocking me out unconscious..

I dont know for how long I was out for.. All I remember was waking up in my own private room that I have for when I stay in Kishori..  And seeing a Blurr vision of my Lovers face, sitting on the bed, next to me.. And stroking my hair and face. And asking if I was alright.. I had told him I had a little headache, but really it was pounding.. But I didnt want to tell him.. And that I couldnt focus right.. All of my senses from getting hit, were all off.. And he said he would take care of me..

As then he would do so, in a cuddling fashion.. And eventually one thing led to another.. And his Essences, would Give Hot Warmth that Showered Between my Legs, as Every Thrust Went Deeper and Deeper, Penetrating Me So Rivetly.. As My Daemon Soul Inside then Moved.. As it felt like it was Being Pulled out of me…

And in that Very Moment.. Ska Walked In…

And you Can Imagine the Fight that Broke Out Yet  Again.. As it Chair Went Flying Towards Me.. And She Called Me Whore!! As I quickly Rolled out of the way..

She Was Going To Kill Me.. And thats when I turned and Looked at My Lover and Hellren, John..  But his face and body started to Phase and Change.. It Wasnt My Lover At All.. It Was..


And The Anger that Fueled In Ska’s Eyes, Was That Of Revenge and Rage!! And My Private Room Became A Blown Up Destructive Mess! As Furniture Got Thrown and Broke, and Walls Got Holes.. And Everything Just Shook From The Chaos and Madness..

And then Michael, the Archangel appeared.. Putting Me In A Protective Force Field.. As more Chaos Happened.. So much Chaos, I cant even remember it all in its entirety. The only thing I then remember seeing was Ska running Towards Be’Lial.. And wrapping her Arms around him… And then Ska and Be’lial were Both gone… Like Magic..

And it was just Michael the archangel and myself..

I Told Michael, I couldnt handle this.. I didnt want John to know.. I was afraid John would find out.. Afraid he would be mad to learn of what happened.. And even more afraid, he would try to Attempt to Kill Be’lial and only Getting Himself, Hurt or Killed.. And I didnt want that to Happen..

But Michael said he would help me.. He would take away all this pain that just happened.. But it would  only be temporary.. But I had to stay on Kishori grounds and work on one of two projects of myself.. To learn or remember more of my past when I was young child.. And I wouldnt be permitted to  leave Kishori grounds until one of the projects was completed.. Or else my memories would flood back sooner than I wanted too.. And that I would have to start immediately on these projects.. And I agreed..

So Michael then erased all my memories to the event that took place.. And then let me go to go see my Hellren.. As the last thing I remember was getting knocked out by Ska..

And thats when I found John outside and then Saw Aura the Wolf, And John On The Ground by Her Feet.. As I thought she was going to Attack Him.. And I ran to his Aid, Snarling and Growling at Aura, as I Knelt to my Lovers Side..

But John told me, it wasnt anything for me to fear.. Her and John struck some bargin.. That the Wolves would no longer attack the Vampires.. And assured me to go back inside the Kishori Mansion.. As to which I did.. Reluctantly.. I Didnt Trust Aura.. Something felt off about her.. That and the fact, I never liked Wolves all that much.. As I then headed for the library.. And soon found Michael.. Where I began to work on the projects with his guidance..

And Days turned into Weeks so quickly.. Michael had me really working hard, and concentrating.. But I felt at one point in the early stages of the days that followed, that John had left the Mansion… I dont know why.. We had both become so absorbed in our work that needed to get done..

And then it finally happened I had break through in learning on how to extract my Daemon soul from myself.. It was Good feeling that I achieved.. But it was also very Tiring.. And with that achievement, I thought I earned a little break, or nap for myself.. As I then went back to my room for a nap.. Only to see Be’lail in my Dreams.. But was I dreaming? Or was I awake? As he then pointed to me still Sleeping.. I was confused, and didnt even know why he was here.. As then he flushed the memories back into my mind.. As he Taunted me in a Cruel Fashion and Pointed to My Stomach!! And I then Woke to a Sick Nauseousness feeling.. And fell off the Bed, to puke into a Garbage Can..

And then saw Ska come into my Room, calling me a Whore and Cheater.. As she then started to Attacking Me and my Weak and Off Guarded State..  Until John came in, and tried to stop her from hurting me, and to find out for himself, that I did have Sex with Be’lial.. And thats when the Choas Rose and Filled the Room.. And Michael once again appeared Back in my Room.. Banishing John from his Own Kishori Mansion to Cool Off, as Michael Fought against Ska, so that I could get out of the room.. And retreat to a safe place.. But with John gone from the Mansion in a Forced Unnatural Manner.. It sent Chaotic Vibes Through out the Whole Place.. And the Mansion became Dark, and Creatures became Violent, and Would Attack Anything That Moved.. Including Me!! As I was getting Dive Bombed by Harpies, that were Pulling and Tearing at my Nightgown.. Until Finally a Doggen lead me away from that, and into a secret passage away from the Violence.. And a room that was protected by Him…

But it was Only Protected for soo Long.. As I think I remained there for another Few Days.. Maybe a Week? As Ska had transformed to a Darker Person during this Time as she Stood By Lucifer’s side.. A person called Audra.. And she was Out to Kill This Unborn Baby and Myself.. She wanted the Blood to be Split every where by Her Hands!!  As she then Grabbed me by the Throat, with Bloody Hunger in Her Eyes… And then Michael, John, Be’ Lial, and Aura all Showed Up.. And Michael’s Voice Pierced into Audra’s Ears.. As Michael Told Audra that the Child I was Carrying was In Fact, John’s and Not Be’Lials..

And she Dropped me to the Ground.. But the Fight didnt End There.. It Only Made It Worse, as Audra became Ska Again.. And She Did Not Fill Her Orders Given to Her By Lucifer.. And Lucifer Quickly Wrapped Ahold of Ska’s Body, with his Poison Filled Fingers, and Took her Away to the Depths of the Mansion and into the Abyss.. As John Started Fighting with Be’Lial, Aura was Fighting with Doggen.. And Michael Left in Despair to Ska being Gone.. Everything was a Mess.. And no one even Realized I was even there..

As I then quickly and quietly left.. As I became unaware that Aura got away from the Doggen.. And followed after me.. Where I ended up having to run from a Large Orge Creature, that had Gotten into the Mansion.. And we bothed Followed one another trying to get out from Harms way.. Until finally I got away from both the Orge.. And found myself in the kitchen.. Where John eventually showed, and More Words Flew of Out Of Anger..

He didnt even realize I left the once protective room, until sometime much later.. And all of his thoughts were on Ska.. As his Words Rang Loud and True, That Ska was His Soul Mate.. His Soul was Forever Tied To Hers.. And those Words Broke My Heart In Two..

Not Only Was He More Obsessed About Her Well Being, But He hadnt even Acknowledged about US, about Our Child.. Our Love.. And I felt I was nothing more than like a Second Wife into His Eyes.. But he tried to show how much his feeling were toward me.. But at the same time, so much had happened.. We could Both Only Feel Scarred Anger That In Bedded in Both of Us..

His Soul was Attached to Ska’s..

And Ska had Saved My Life Twice..

So John Kissed my Lips ever so Softly..

And then Off he Went…

To Go Rescue Ska from Lucifer..

And so that Our Conversation Of What Will Become The Future Can then Befold.. And See Where Our Love Both Stands For One Another…

He Is Still My Mate..

My Hellren..

My Lover..

And I Wont Dare Walk Away

Until I Know Where We Both Stand

And How We Both Feel..

I Still Love Him…

And He Is Still…



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