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Diary Entry: Wrecking Ball

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The Marble Grave Stone Crumbled To The Ground
Much Like Tossing Stale Crumbled Bread For The Crows..
The Words That Were Written Are Now Cracked Or Gone..
And The Rest In Peace Was Anything But….

Ethan Krieg is Alive By His Numerous Lies..

Lies About The Principles of What He Was Fighting For..
As He took a Thief and Let Her To Believe
And Had Her Follow His Chasing Dream..
As Then The Bodies Mounted In Many Different States
As He Sugar Coated Any Mistakes..

Manipulated, And Played..
Right Under My Nose..
How Could I Been Too Blind To See?

As I Then Shortly There After Committed A Horrible Act for Which I Regretted..
Which Only Furthered To Play InTo His Future Benefit..
Where I Thought I Had Done Something So Wrong..
By Being The Cheating Heart For A Callous Mistake..
And He Happily Accepted And Used It To Play His Finally Take..

He Lives To Play These Fucked Up Games..

Making You Feel Guilty and that You are To Blame..

And That it is All Your Fault For This Dead Mans Empty Lot..

And Adding To The Baggage That Was Already Brought..

But Now I Know It Was All A Fake..
As Our Paths Crossed In The Windy Ghetto City
With Electrifying Green Eyes that Flashed Across The Horizon of Blue..
He Was Very Much Alive And Well With Something To Do..
And Now I Know The Truth Behind Green Eyes That Lied..

But What Will This Bring Me Now?

More Hate Than Before!!
As It Piles On So Thick
Like The Dead Corpses He Left Behind..
Even His Own Brother Is Dead By His Own Hands..
He Is Something Of A Living Work Art Who Makes Dead Art..
With No Real Working Heart
And With Only The Fucked Up Morals That He Believes To Be True..

But Wait!

My Morals Are Just As Screwed!!

So Maybe Just Maybe He Is Right On Just One?
To Stay Independent….
Dont Wait For A Rescue..

And Become A Dependant..

Think For Yourself…
Because In Reality Thats All You Have If You Wanna Get By…

And Live To Survive..

But The Rest Of His Morals Can All Go To Hell…

He Will Use You And He Will Abuse You
To His Sickest Sweet Dreams Come True
And He Will Corrupt Your State of Mind..
And Fuck With Your Naked Heart..

And If He Deems It Right In His Morals
Or His Code Of Ethics For Money
Then Yes He Will Kill You Without A Second Thought..

He Is Out To Prove That Just Because He Is A Face In Crowd
Doesn’t mean He Isn’t a Force To Be Reckoned With..
He Will Never Answer To Being Called a NOBODY..

His Name Is Ethan, Name Meaning= Strong
And Krieg Meaning= War and Argumentative
He Is Ethan Krieg..
Born Legacy..

And Killer..

And A Man I Wish To Forget!!


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