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Gemiriar: Memories of a way of Life..

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     It has been so long.. And I was soo young.. The pain of everything made me block out the memories of where Im really from.. A Little planet called Gemiriar.. Where Daemon Animals walked along side the Human Mortal Partners.. I remember the faint images of a Rich Promising Life.. The people there dressed in a Aristocrat Fashion, like from the 1930’s Time period for Earth.. And the Majority of my Planet was Filled by Wealth.. The Gemiriar People Loved Technology, and Made Beautiful Striking Things To Show And Impress One Another.. They Loved Living In High Standards, And Beauty and Grace With Proper Strict Manners and Forums..  As They InDulged In The Good Life Of Gold, Silver, and Other Precious Materials.. And Loved To Create New Inventions For Societies Travels, and Hobbies..

As the People of Gemiriar would go to Parties and Social Gatherings and Smoke the Finest Cigars and have the Most Lavishing Dinners as they Discussed there Next Projects of New Wonderful Things Made to be Draped in Gold.. As Every City was Beautiful.. And the small towns that were poor, remained distant and out of sight from ones eye.. As if it was an unpleasant sight to be looked upon by the aristocratic society. And treated like the plague..

      But then other Memories, soon filled my Mind.. Like the Twisting Vortex, of Storm Soo Bright and Violent..

And during the Storm that had Present Itself as Scary, and for the Gemiriar People, you can possibly understand why, I had pushed back those memories into my mind to be Lost and Forgotten.. But Due to A Fallen Angel, who was Responsible for My Fears as Child.. She Came Back Into My Life, As I was Now an Adult.. And UnLocked Some of Suppressed Memories, that Flood Me Into Like An Evil Vortex Again of Sharp Pain..

Yes, These are My Memories..

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly..

The Things that had ImPrinted On To Me.

To Make Me Apart Of The Individual I Am Today…

From the Things that I Derive From..

This is me.

Sylina Kyle


Kougar Kyle


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