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Jealousy Rears In Anger!

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YES, I Stole Bruce Wayne’s Mother’s Pearls! That Stuck up, Rich Snot Deserved It!

How fucking Dare he step foot at that Banquet for the Fundraiser toward the Orphanage when he has No Fucking Clue what Really goes on or what it means to be an Orphan, and live in That Hell Hole of a Place. {Sarcastic tone} You know I still remember how the Wayne’s name made all the headline news on tv and in the paper years ago when was just a child myself.. Very close to Bruce’s age. There were chalk outlines of his parents in the alley, with the blood still warm upon the cold pavement, as steam rose up into the Night. And those white pearls of his mother’s were spread all over between the outlines of his Mom and Dad, like an innocent game of marbles that had gone horribly wrong, as a few were Stained in Red from their blood. It Made Every Damn Newspaper in Gotham City, and was aired on Tv Many Times.. Such a Tragedy, to such a Wealthy Family.. And their poor son to be left a alone in the world. But He wasn’t alone in Gotham. He had inherited his parents Wealth. And more importantly he had still One person to Cling to, Alfred Pennyworth. The mere humble butler, that became a Guardian to over see Master Bruce’s Future and Well Being.. To Always Be Loved and have a Silver Spoon in his Mouth!

Yes, I was Jealous!!

While that Rich Brat lived it up in a Huge Mansion all to himself, I shared one room with 29 other Kids. And there were several other rooms set up exactly the same way. We all slept in bunk beds. And No one gave a damn about us kids in that orphanage. Many were abused by the people that worked there. Both physically and mentally. Like it was our fault we were in this place. And that we weren’t good enough to be apart of another family. No one wanted Losers like us. A lot of us were malnourished and had to fight for any little extra scrap of food. And our clothes were so tattered and horrid. The People that ran the orphanage made all the children take cold showers to be tortured as they laughed. And we did work like mopping the floors, and stairs. We even cleaned the bathrooms in the roach infested place. And if you ever got into trouble, you’d be locked in a closet for hours, or peeled potatoes or even worse – Onions! No one ever made you feel loved there. Only Tears and Fear Existed in those Walls. It was like a Prison for Children. No one ever read a bedtime story to you, or told you you’d be okay. Or checked for Scary Monsters! {Laughs in disgust} They Were The Scary Monsters!!

Then sometimes families would come in, looking to adopt a child or two. And it was shortly there after I learned not all of these people are looking for a child to start a Real family. A lot of these kids I had come to know died by these fake families. The mafia would pay people to look like a couple. Fill out the necessary paper work, and claim a couple of kids. From there these kids went to slave shops to transport drugs all over Gotham or Other Things like Money or Weapons. No one would expect a child to be transporting Stuff from one place to another. These kids were used like mules. Then Other fake families would take these kids into a Human Trafficking Ring to be sold off. Mostly girls, But there were some boys too. To be raped repeatedly, or to become prostitutes.

I got lucky though, I got sent to live with a man who taught me how to be a thief and serve him! I had the Knack or Gift for it! I enjoyed learning on how to steal and what to steal. I received A Top Notch Education in the Art of it. And I Loved it. But it still came with its Price Tag. Like the Abuse I received on a Daily Bases, and still have the Scars from it. I guess that’s why it took me so long to learn to Trust or Love another Human Being. Because People don’t care about you. They use you. It was just easier to Love a Diamond than a Person. Even now, I only allow a few into My Heart, for fear it will be Broken again. But I’ve come to accept that.

God, people like Bruce Wayne make me SICK with their Naive Assumption on how the World Works. They think there Wealth makes them Smarter than Everyone Else! And that they are doing an Honorable Great thing. If Only He Knew That Fundraiser for the Orphanage that had just taken place a couple of days ago is only going to receive a 20 percent of what it made. The 80 percent will go to Underground Kings Running the Show and calling the Shots. That’s the way its always been. It will never change. And it’s why I spent Bruce’s Money that I stole too. It’s the only way to get real clothes and extra items to those kids. Cash from one hand to another would never make it to those kids. I know first hand. You have to actually buy the clothes and things needed for it to get to them!

I Can’t Stand Bruce! I Hate Him!! Why does he get to be Lucky One??


Rich Snots!!


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