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Labor Day!

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     Morning Light is upon the Horizon Outside, with Shades of Red and Gold that Welcome the New Day. But all of the Glass around the Mansion of Nahar’u Kishori was Heavily Tinted, Keeping the Harmful Rays from entering such a Dark Domain place.. Kougar has now become Watcher over the Mansion and All of its needs. As John Rests Comfortably somewhere safe in the Mansion in a Coma like state.. It has been Many Silent Months without him. But she remains Strong and Confident that he will one day Wake from his place of Darkness..

As Kougar who is now glowing with a huge belly, is dressed in a summer black dress to match her raven hair, with only her blue gray eyes and skin tone to offset the black on black. Sitting in a chair.. She had much to do with the Ball she was trying to setup, with it only a five months away. She needed to continue business for Nahar’u Kishori and keep it Running. But right at this moment she is currently tending to the needs of a Small Fallen Angel who is now a child. She had Lost her Adult Memory through such Traumatic chaos under Lucifer’s hands and is now a child. As she No longer remembers being the adult Ska Skinwalker.. She is just a mere playful and giggly innocent angel child. As Kougar strokes her beautiful golden locks with a comb,  trying to untangle the small web of bubble gum in one of her locks of hair.. It was Probably Sebastian that was the one that gave her the gum in the first place.. As Ska starts to get very fidgety and starts to complain, Kougar gives her a little annoyed look like a parent would to their child after getting into mischief.  “I almost have it out.. Hold on and stay still my Little Firefly..” As Kougar grabs a pair of scissors, mumbling under her breath. “No more Gum for you, until you learn to chew it and not to get in in your hair.” As she then snips off the yucky pink blob that was on her Golden curls.. “Okay, its all out..”  Then she ran her fingers through Ska’s hair, and called to the Doggen Katil who is her favorite servant. “Mirror please.” He then bows down to little Ska showing herself in the mirror, and getting her approval that the Gum disaster is all over.

But just in that moment a Sharp pain was Felt, and Kougar immediately hunched forward, holding her stomach, as short but loud cries erupted out of nowhere.  Her breathing started to pick up. “Katil get Miss Ska to Sebastian!” Another wave of pain then started to come, followed by more screams.. Little Ska became instantly frightened by seeing Kougar in immense pain, and then was ushered out of John’s office by Katil, as she asked repeatedly what was going on. And Katil got her into the hallway, told her to go find Sebastian to play with. And explained to Ska that Kougar’s baby was coming. Kougar could not spend any more time with her right now because of the Delivery of this Child. Katil went back into the office with Kougar still screaming.. And Little Ska ran off down the hallway and disappeared.

Kougar then told Katil she wanted to be in her private chamber for a little more privacy. Katil proceeded to get Kougar up.. But the Pain was too much. Kougar’s Voice sent curdling waves down the Hall. Her vision was getting blurry from the tears of Pain that overwhelmed her.. It seemed like it would take forever to get to her private chamber. But then another Doggen came into the Hallway wheeling a wheelchair very quickly! And within a short amount of time they both got her to her private chamber, and made her as comfortable as possible.  She then yelled for her Husband John as the pain continued.. Sweat now beaded upon Kougar’s forehead. But her efforts would fall on deaf ears.. There was no way to awaken him from his weakened and coma like state.. She would have to go through and bare his child without him. She screamed once again in agony, calling out John’s name, looking toward the door.. As if awaiting for a Miracle to happen.. But the Miracle she was looking for never came..

And then it Happened.. Kougar’s water Broke!!

And a long shadow entered the room first, before being recognized on who it was, while another shadow formed just after.. It was Michael and Saya here to help.  They brought many towels and some cool water to aid Kougar in her Labor. And not a second to late, as Michael could see the added stress Kougar was making which only furthered to complicate the situation.. As Saya grabbed a towel to wipe the sweat off her forehead, she held her hand to bring her comfort.. And a weak smile showed from Kougar, thanking them for being here before another contraction would hit, and sent more Screams echoing through the mansion.

But while all this was going on, Little Ska did not go to find Sebastian.. Instead she went off the Mansions Grounds and Summoned for the Demon Belial, who she has Quite the Fondness for.. And when he appeared, she asked for his Help in regards to the Pain Kougar was going through. All she knew was that a Baby was coming, and Kougar was extreme pain.. But Belial, However, Already Knew! And also knew that Little Ska was unaware of Kougar’s HATE for him. So what a better gesture of making nice, than Belial offering Little Ska his pet to help: Aura The Goddess of Wolves! She would help and assist.

Belial then Summoned for Aura. And she appeared almost Instantly. Belial told Aura to go with Little Ska, and Help in Kougar’s Birth of her child. This would be the Door to Opportunity for the Future! Aura Quickly Followed Little Ska, racing back to the Mansion.. And then following the echoing screams back to Kougar’s private chamber..

Meanwhile, Sweat was pouring off Kougar’s skin like a leaky faucet, along with the Tears of Immense Pain that soaked her cheek. As Saya was doing all she could to keep her cool with wet towels, the hours passed by. Kougar’s body temperature was rising fast.. And Michael was assessing the situation after each contraction, only to find the baby is breech.. Kougar would need to breath deep in order for the next steps to follow.

“Please…” Kougar groaned in pain, “Please give me the Epidural!” Kougar than begged for an Epidural Drug to relieve some of the pain..

“Kougar, I’m sorry but I can’t. The drug would affect you’re ability to deliver a vampire child. There’s too much at risk and I promised John I wouldn’t let anything happen to you during this.” The mortal risks were too strong for Kougar. Already her chances of dying while giving birth to this baby were extremely high, but the drug would take away her ability to remain present through the birth not to mention it would affect this child. Kougar screamed yet again from the Pain, and called out John’s name!!

 “J J O H N N ! ? !” 

Michael chimed in and spoke in a reassuring, and calm manner.. “You can do this Kougar! Look at me and concentrate!! Breathe!!” But then in that moment Ska entered the room, to see something a young child should not see.. Kougar then saw her! But before something could be said, a long growing shadow entered the room behind Little Ska.  When the Form was finally seen, it was Aura!! Kougar’s breathing than became very erratic and she then was sent into a Panic.. Kougar’s Claws extended out, piercing Saya’s hand by accident.. “GET THIS” Hard Heavy Breathing Followed By More Screams. “EVIL DOG OOUUTA HERE!!” As Little Ska then Chirped In soo Innocently. “But.. but… I brought her here to Help yooouu!! She Isn’t Gonna Hurt You!! I Promise!” But before anymore words could be exchanged, Kougar became light headed and dizzy, her eyes rolled back into her head..

With the stress of her Lover Not being here to Support her, and having to go through this supernatural birthing process with a baby that is now breech was too much. Aura being here finally pushed Kougar to her Limits and Passed right out.. But before even Michael could tell Aura to get out, he realized the umbilical cord was twisting around the baby’s neck.. It was going to take another person to help him, to turn the baby around and untwist the cord..

Michael then spoke in a manner that was far from gentle.. “Alright, Aura you can Help. But Try Anything To Harm Her, you will not only feel the Brotherhood’s wrath but My own and Saya’s. Not to mention, Be’lials.” Michael knew the importance of this child. He also knew that Be’lial had plans and whatever they were, he and Aura weren’t to be fully trusted. He wasn’t faced with a choice. The emergency of the situation called for her help and he would allow it only because he trusted that Aura wouldn’t do anything, yet. As Aura then spoke to Michael to reassure him. “I will…give my word as an alpha that no harm will befall upon Kougar, or anyone else including the baby in my presence. As an alpha if we give our word, no matter what it is for we must keep our word until it is broken upon certain events or by betrayal. I give you my promise.” bows respectively.

Michael then nodded and spoke. “Good. Now get over here and do exactly as I say. Saya, I need you to guide her hands. Here,”  He was just about to perform the C-section when Saya interrupted him, “Michael…her breathing..” Mismatched hues darted to her chest. He handed off the blade to do the C-section while moving to Koguar’s head. Placing a hand upon her forehead and just above her heart, Michael closed his eyes to focus and let some of his own energy pour into her. Passing out, overwhelmed or not put both mother and child in jeopardy and he need to ensure that both lived. Energy poured from his hands to Kougar to give her strength and so that he could slowly awaken her when the time was right. Saya and Aura would have to help the Baby Quickly, in order to get Kougar the medical attention she needed afterwards. With no time to lose each member performed their part until finally Aura was untangling the twisted umbilical cord carefully. The First Sounds of Crying was then heard! The Baby was going to be Alright! Now it was time to heal the Mother! As Michael used his Angelic ability to heal Kougar, Aura cleaned up the little one that was still crying.

Screaming to the World, I am Here!

It was a moment of Warmth and Reflection, that differences and war could be put aside for this miracle to Happen.. Kougar than woke, hearing the sounds of her and John’s Baby crying! She asked if the baby was alright, as she then saw Aura coming toward her, with the baby in Aura’s arms, and giving the Baby to Kougar.. Kougar looked in Awe at the little one with Tears of Joy. After looking at the baby and snuggling the little one in her arms in awe, she then looked to Aura, Michael, Saya, and then to Little Ska. Individually thanking them with a smile before looking back to her and John’s Baby. With a Warm But Tired Glowing Smile, she Held Him ever so Gently. Cuddling him as tears flowed down her cheek as she whispered with Excitement!

“Its A Boy!!”

ღ Kyle Skinwalker Tehrror ღ

Welcomed The World






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